Updated VoIP systems’ service enhancements simplify operations

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is not necessarily new — the basic concept has been around for about 20 years, with widespread use in business settings since 2004. However, as with most kinds of technology, it has been through a series of advancements since its early years.

How to increase productivity and morale with your accounting team

Imagine an accounting team that is able to instantly provide your enterprise with the information and insights needed to make informed business decisions. Or better yet, your business processes are so well tuned that at any point you have instant access to the workload of each team member. Imagine doing all of this without having to replace your existing accounting systems.

Changes to premium discount programs mean earlier deadlines

As the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) begins its transition to a prospective billing system, it has announced the first changes to be made in order to implement this new system, which involves the enrollment deadlines for premium discount programs.

Why a happy retirement requires a mix of both planning and discipline

It’s one thing to maintain spending discipline when you are still working. You can afford to take a big vacation with the kids or make a major improvement to your house because you are still drawing paychecks on a regular basis to replenish your account. It all changes when you decide to retire.

How to attract and retain the best employees in your company

There is a war for talented employees in the market. The recession incited many companies to let go of less talented employees as businesses adjusted to losses in demand and revenue, but they largely held on to top talent.