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Panelists at Perspectives ’14: Women Who Excel Conference Thursday, April 10,...

Laura Bennett took on an uphill battle and co-founded Embrace Pet Insurance Thursday, April 10, 2014 Laura Bennett was trying […]

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Assembling a team of consultants makes property investing less risky 

If you’re willing to take the risks associated with owning commercial property and want a higher yield than banks are offering, it might be time to become a landlord and accumulate some property.

Talent search techniques are changing as technology proliferates

Social media sites, namely Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, enable employers to identify specific types of people through their online profiles. Simultaneously, companies can brand themselves as a top place to work when looking for job candidates.

Outsourced accounting service can help smooth your operations

Many businesses fail to realize that when they reach $150,000 in revenue from taxable sales or services, they are subject to a commercial activity tax. And that’s not all they may miss, says Dawn M. Gainer, Managing Director of Small Business Services at Skoda Minotti. “For instance, taxable sales for sales tax purposes and taxable […]

Why the right IT partner can keep your network healthy and deliver a valuable ROI

Trust is a hurdle that leaders must often overcome before they are willing to hand off management of their company’s IT system. But the reality is that most companies are not experts on IT and thus are not in a position to develop and maintain the best platform for their employees.   “In a lot […]

How to leverage your IP attorney for the analysis of intellectual property

As businesses invest in new products or services, the importance of identifying and protecting their intellectual property (IP) may not be at the forefront of their thinking. However, if you want to recoup your investment you have to be able to protect it, and IP is one way to do that.