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Blockland ClevelandCleveland’s brightest minds want to make NEO the home of blockchain

Their goal is to make Cleveland ground zero for this young, still emerging technology with potential that is yet to be fully understood.

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Cleveland’s brightest minds want to make NEO the...

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First Interstate PropertiesIt’s more than just a development project for Mitchell Schneider

It’s the ability to make things happen and make his community a better place for everyone that drives and motivates him.

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It’s more than just a development project for...

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Squire Patton BoggsFred Nance has built a career on resolving conflict

Fred Nance grew up in Cleveland during a time of great social unrest. It was the late 1960s and riots raged against the slow pace of civil rights development. Nance watched and then made a plan to do what he could to make the world a better place.

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Fred Nance has built a career on resolving conflict

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Cleveland ClinicCleveland Clinic’s new CEO is poised to confront health care’s greatest threats

Dr. Tomislav Mihaljevic conveys a sense of the calm, the strength, the wisdom and the leadership he will need to lead the Cleveland Clinic into the future.

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Cleveland Clinic’s new CEO is poised to confront...


Ways to resolve business disputes without litigation

Costs, confidentially and certainty are reasons parties look to avoid litigation. The process is inherently uncertain, explains McCarthy Lebit's Nicholas O. Oleski.

Workplace violence incidents are not black swan events

While some businesses are more vulnerable, all employers face the threat of workplace violence, says Zito Insurance Agency's Chas Lowe.

What you should be looking for in a commercial real-estate consultant

Real estate consultants provide clients with indispensable real-time knowledge, tools, procedures and techniques that enable them to make a more informed decision, says Simon Caplan.

Understanding FASB changes to not-for-profit reporting standards

The not-for-profit reporting model changes from the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), effective now, are the first since 1993 and are intended to address inconsistencies in financial reporting.

How to capitalize on Cleveland’s commercial real estate market

Commercial real estate deal making has been on the rise in the U.S. As tier one markets tighten, greater attention is being paid to secondary markets, such as the Greater Cleveland area, and even tertiary markets like the Greater Akron area.  Buyers, sellers and even landlords are in a position to benefit as the buying […]