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The Will to Win … Northeast Ohio’s Smart 50

Introducing the leaders of the region’s Smart 50 companies presented by Corporate College Cuyahoga Community College, a member of the […]

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Panelists at Perspectives ’14: Women Who Excel Conference Thursday, April 10,...

Laura Bennett took on an uphill battle and co-founded Embrace Pet Insurance Thursday, April 10, 2014 Laura Bennett was trying […]

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With an upbeat, positive culture, employees will promote your brand 

When it comes to the front line, where the person-to-person interaction is so critical, employees are the ambassadors of the brand. “It is one thing at the office to have employees say, ‘I love this company,’ but what are they saying to their friends and family at the cocktail party,” says Steve Brubaker, Chief of […]

What to do if your customer patents your invention

Companies could devote a great deal of time and money developing a customer solution only to lose out when the customer secretly patents it.

Does your company have the talent in place to weather a transition? 

Many acquisitions are taking place in the market today, a change from a few years back when downsizing and restructuring were the dominant trends. While they lie on opposite ends of the spectrum, both types of transactions require organizations to make adjustments to the talent they have on board. “All companies should maximize the talent […]

Why IP insurance is a good way to secure what drives your business

Intellectual property insurance can be expensive, but the cost of not protecting the unique thoughts and ideas that give your company its identity could cost you even more.

Why non-qualified plans can help protect the future of key employees 

Non-qualified retirement plans are a tool for companies looking for better ways to help retain key executive-level employees. The advantage to this option over the traditional 401(k) plan is that it can be customized to meet both your needs and those of the employees you want to retain and support. “Your 401(k) plans are designed […]