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Despite unprecedented disruption, dealmakers forge ahead

Dealmakers offer insights on where the M&A market is today, and what strategies are effective amid unprecedented market disruption.

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Despite unprecedented disruption, dealmakers forge...

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Kimball MidwestPat McCurdy steers Kimball Midwest through troubled waters

Kimball Midwest was ready for a great 2020. Then COVID-19 hit the U.S. With sales in decline, CEO Pat McCurdy assembled his team to address what could be the most challenging event of his career.

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Pat McCurdy steers Kimball Midwest through troubled...

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Donatos PizzaUnder the proactive leadership of Tom Krouse, Donatos Pizza delivers

Donatos Pizza President and CEO Tom Krouse on how the pizza chain adapted, and adapted quickly, to doing business in a pandemic.

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Under the proactive leadership of Tom Krouse, Donatos...

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Primed and ReadyPhil Derrow leans on his team at Ohio Transmission Corp. to weather the crisis

In turbulent times, Phil Derrow’s decentralized model and empowered staff help Ohio Transmission Corp. roll with the punches of coronavirus.

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Phil Derrow leans on his team at Ohio Transmission...


Building a recovery plan for your business

Brady Ware & Co.'s Tom Wolf, CPA offers tips on how to emerge stronger from this downturn and how to prepare for the next one.

How an ECM system can save time and money, and limit errors

Blue Technologies' Lora Holman explores how integrating an ECM system into your business can save time and money, limit data entry errors and free employees to focus on more critical tasks.

Leverage insight in consumer purchasing behavior to drive sales

Clark Schaefer Hackett's Jonathan Poeder explores the pandemic’s effect on consumer behaviors and what retailers can do to meet new consumer demands.

With employees working remotely, cloud-based solutions provide security

Blue Technologies Inc.'s Curtis Verhoff explores why it’s critical to embrace cloud-based document solutions and how doing so can both protect your data and quickly and securely enable the mobility of your workforce.

Focus on the short term in order to survive in the long term

Brady Ware & Company's Sam Agresti talks about some of the ways businesses can regain their footing and chart a path forward.

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