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Building A LegacySteve Germain maps out a long-term future for Germain Automotive Group

Steve Germain prepares Germain Automotive Group for the next generation, and the next generation for Germain Automotive Group.

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Steve Germain maps out a long-term future for Germain...

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Deal me inWith trillions in capital available, it’s a great time to be a dealmaker

Talent and relationships are playing an increasing role in Central Ohio’s deal activity. Local dealmakers talk about the current market and what may lie ahead.

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With trillions in capital available, it’s a great...

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Crystal ClearTom Feeney guides Safelite to see from the customer’s perspective

When Tom Feeney helped Safelite look through the eyes of the customer, the picture wasn’t rosy. Here's how the nearly $2 billion company became customer driven.

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Tom Feeney guides Safelite to see from the...

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Building connectionsRelationships are the center of Jim Wyland, WealthStone’s success

Who you partner with will lead to your biggest successes and largest failures. Jim Wyland of WealthStone knows the value of slowing down to invest in due diligence.

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Relationships are the center of Jim Wyland,...


How business is made better with a strong accountant relationship

Some business owners might just go to their accountant for tax advice. What they don’t realize is that they could use them for much more, says Nancy Supowit, director at Clarus Partners.

Ruling brings major change to out-of-state sales tax collection

Nicholas Schatte, tax manager at Clarus Partners, breaks down the Wayfair decision and how it affects businesses of all types and sizes.

Ohio has many assets that are critical to the automotive industry

JobsOhio’s Kristi Tanner breaks down Ohio’s position as a place for new investment in the automotive industry.

Declutter and organize your information with a content management solution

Blue Technologies' Nano Zegarra explores content management solutions that manage information in a customer relationship management system, and how best to employ them.

Know the importance of dialogue and strategies

CompManagement's Todd Keserich talks about strategies to assist injured workers back to work.