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2014 Business Hall of FameJunior Achievement teaches tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, honors the leaders of today

This year’s inductees for Junior Achievement's Central Ohio Business Hall of Fame are Doug Kridler of The Columbus Foundation, and Yvette McGee Brown of Jones Day.

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Central Ohio’s Smart 50 make success happen by being on target

Smart Business presents the Oswald Cos. Smart 50 Awards to celebrate and recognize central Ohio’s top executives for their ability to effectively build and lead innovative and “smart” organizations.

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Jordan Hansell makes connections, sets a common vision at NetJets

Jordan Hansell knew nothing about aviation when starting at NetJets Inc. in 2009. Evidently, he’s a quick learner. As the Berkshire Hathaway company celebrates 50 years this month, the business is growing faster than ever.

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Nationwide InsuranceNationwide Insurance and Mark Pizzi unleash new ideas for customers of today and...

At Nationwide Insurance, Mark Pizzi, president and COO, is helping push insurance into the 21st century and adjust it for millennials and today’s consumers by being open to new ideas and innovation.

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How to be ready for this year’s benefit season and make optimum decisions

Open enrollment is starting for many organizations. With all the recent changes in health insurance, organizations are challenged to make sure their employees make informed decisions.

Banks with specialized experience offer clients a wealth of knowledge

The idea of specialization in financing is not too different than specialization in, say, the medical field — turning to a medical specialist who has experience treating a particular injury or illness versus seeing a general physician. In each case working with someone whose concentration is highly specified can be of great benefit.

Growing infrastructure provides hope that oil and gas boom is here to stay

Oil and gas production in eastern Ohio is thriving and the industry should continue growing in the years ahead.

Staffing agencies must meet ACA changes head on

Staffing agencies that supply companies with professional consultants, such as IT professionals, face a significant problem once the Affordable Care Act (ACA) rolls further into implementation this coming year.

How to lower costs, create efficiency, gain control with production printing

It might be time to examine in-house production printing, which offers companies more control, consistency, cost savings and efficiency than can be realized by utilizing an outsourced partner.