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Who to Watch: Central Ohio

A look at the men and women poised to shape Central Ohio in 2017 and beyond

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Who to Watch: Central Ohio

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The Medical Mutual 2017 Pillar Award for Community Service, Central Ohio

Recognizing businesses and individuals dedicated to making Central Ohio a better place to live, especially the tie between the for-profit and nonprofit worlds.

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The Medical Mutual 2017 Pillar Award for Community...

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25 Central Ohio organizations demonstrate the keys to longevity

25 Central Ohio organizations share how to adapt changing times and how culture factors into their business longevity.

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25 Central Ohio organizations demonstrate the keys to...

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Central Ohio Transit AuthorityCOTA and W. Curtis Stitt power on by creating efficiencies, working smarter

At COTA, W. Curtis Stitt and his staff are never done trying to improve. Because if COTA can operate more efficiently, it will be able to push more service out onto the street.

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COTA and W. Curtis Stitt power on by creating...


How EOBs help employees understand their health care costs

For many people, explanation of benefits statements can be somewhat confusing and difficult to navigate. But Amber Hulme of Medical Mutual, says by helping employees understand what’s in their EOBs, organizations can avoid overspending on health care.

Close the leadership gap with a knowledge transfer strategy

The rapid pace of baby boomers retiring has threatened the transfer of organizational knowledge from one generation to the next. That’s forcing many companies to address the growing gap in their leadership pipeline. Sequent's Midge Streeter discusses organizational leadership trends and how companies can prepare and retain its next generation of leaders.

Your data is worth a king’s ransom. Back it up on the cloud.

On top of physical and technical risks, the rise of ransomware makes cloud backup more important than ever. Blue Technologies General Manager Paul Sems talks about who would want your data, and what you need to know about ransomware and disaster recovery.

Who you get to audit your retirement plan matters

Department of Labor is paying closer attention to the quality of audits and will reject plan filings and assess penalties if filings don't meet professional standards. Don't let this be your organization. Sean Pierce of Clarus Partners talks retirement plan auditing requirements and what to look for in an auditor.

As the pace of risk speeds up, it’s time to shift to offense

The world around us is changing, and thanks to technology, it’s doing so at an exponential rate. Nationwide's Mike Mahaffey discusses how technology and data are changing the way businesses operate.

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