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It all adds upHuntington Bank grows stronger with FirstMerit folded into its operations

Steve Steinour has been involved in more than 30 mergers and acquisitions over the course of his career. But Huntington Bank’s acquisition of FirstMerit Corp. last year for $3.4 billion was the largest in the bank’s history.

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Huntington Bank grows stronger with FirstMerit folded...

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A strong workforce sets Central Ohio manufacturers up for success

Whether you’re a small or large manufacturer, your workforce is critical. From finding talent to building a culture of collaboration, people are a differentiator.

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A strong workforce sets Central Ohio manufacturers up...

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Exploring the cutting edgeNationwide Children’s Hospital leads its industry from the forefront

Research and staying at the industry forefront is the lifeblood of elite organizations like Nationwide Children’s.

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Nationwide Children’s Hospital leads its industry...

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Who to Watch: Central Ohio

A look at the men and women poised to shape Central Ohio in 2017 and beyond

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Who to Watch: Central Ohio


Address safety in your workplace with a safety committee

Doug Newman, senior risk services consultant at CompManagement, explains some of the key components of a safety committee.

How to survive sales and use tax audits

Any growing company can expect to hit the department of revenue’s radar at some point. Since it may be inevitable, it’s important to be prepared for sales and use tax audits. Cheryl A. Fields, sales and use tax manager at Clarus Partners, gives tips for surviving a sales and use tax audit.

Spreadsheets, departmental databases make way for a new technology trend

Case management might not sound like a technology buzzword, but the all-inclusive system brings together bundles of information relating to a single case — a client, project, etc. — rather than working with individual documents or files in silos. Blue Technologies' Heather Stump shares how to ensure business scalability through case management solutions.

How to identify the indicators in your industry that signal change

Looking back before the onset of the Great Recession, Sequent CEO William F. Hutter says there were signs that problems were coming. He explains how companies can use their HR departments to get ahead of trends affecting their business.

How to build a culture that delivers empathy and compassion

Each organization has to understand what its consumers need — staying laser focused on that while building a culture around those values. Quantum Health's Shannon Skaggs gives his lessons in what it takes to build a strong company culture.

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