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The best of bothPost-sale, WP Glimcher and Michael Glimcher put the pieces together

But once the deal between Glimcher Realty Trust and Washington Prime Group Inc. went through, the hard work began — the integration of these two companies.

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Post-sale, WP Glimcher and Michael Glimcher put the...

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A case for commercializationThe Ohio State University builds bridges from research to industry

The Ohio State University is a tremendous resource in terms of research and thought leaders that help businesses grow and thrive. The challenge, however, can be getting that research into the hands of companies.

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The Ohio State University builds bridges from research...

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Fresh eyesOtterbein University realizes its potential by reaffirming core values

Kathy A. Krendl hasn’t been afraid to step in and lead Otterbein University in new directions, to help it stay relevant for higher education and recommit to its core values.

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Otterbein University realizes its potential by...

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The Columbus Metropolitan Library turns the page to better serve customers

The Columbus Metropolitan Library and Patrick Losinski shifted focus to create more value and better serve the community.

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The Columbus Metropolitan Library turns the page to...


How stop-loss insurance can reduce the risk involved in self-funding

As more businesses look at self-funding as a way to control their health care costs, it’s not uncommon for stop-loss insurance to be part of the discussion. Medical Mutual's Amber Hulme explains why stop-loss insurance could be a valuable tool and what types of contract decisions could make a big difference in the long term.

How to conduct a year-end review of your business technology performance

As you plan for 2017, and your upcoming technology needs, you should conduct an end-of-year review of your current business technology performance, says Paul Sems of Blue Technologies. This provides context, so you won’t feel so unsure when developing your future technology road map.

Business owners shouldn’t try to do it all. Fortunately, there’s help.

For small and midsized business owners, the pace of business is often frantic. That means payroll, benefits administration and HR end up getting shuffled to the back of the line or given to someone without experience. Sequent's William F. Hutter lays out how to better manage these responsibilities.

How community involvement benefits company culture

Today companies are finding that philanthropy and community involvement can help improve internal culture and employee job satisfaction. Clarus Partners' Michael Stevenson talks about the impact community involvement can have on a company, both internally and externally.

How to create a dialogue about your company using brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are a company’s frontline. They are the face of the brand, and they’re one of the most important components of an experiential marketing campaign. Drew McCartt of Event Marketing Strategies explains how brand ambassadors enhance activations.