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In good handsThe Whitestone Group seizes opportunities with a can-do attitude

With a simple idea 16 years ago, John D. Clark Sr. has turned The Whitestone Group Inc. into a multi-million dollar business with 1,400 employees, thanks to hard work, word of mouth and a strong reputation.

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The Whitestone Group seizes opportunities with a...

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Smart Women: Driving internal change through innovation

The Smart Women breakfast and awards will be Sept. 1. Check out the dynamic panelists who will discuss intrapreneurship, as well as the 19 award winners being honored for their achievements.

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Smart Women: Driving internal change through...

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No time to relaxRenier Construction stays vigilant to ensure customers become friends

Knowing how to treat people and cultivating long-term relationships are the keys to Renier Construction Co.’s evolution as a company — and a reflection of Bill Heifner as a business leader.

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Renier Construction stays vigilant to ensure customers...

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The spirit withinCharley Shin develops the people at Charleys Philly Steaks, Bibibop

Charley Shin and his leadership team have stayed true to their beliefs for nearly 560 Charleys and nine Bibibop restaurants, over the test of time.

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Charley Shin develops the people at Charleys Philly...


High-deductible plans reduce health insurance costs by skipping copays

There is a significant misunderstanding about copays that has employees and employers mistakenly believing that copays are an important part of their health insurance coverage. Sequent CEO William F. Hutter explains why that's just not true.

Take your trade show booth from bland to bold

While some might enjoy trade shows, chances are you dread them and may even avoid them altogether. Maggie Ellison, of Event Marketing Strategies, shares how experiential marketing can improve a company’s effectiveness at B2B trade shows.

Decrease workplace stress with a more relaxing, healthier environment

Stress has been called the “health epidemic of the 21st century” by the World Health Organization. Here's how a stressed workforce can affect your bottom line and what organizations can do to help employees reduce, or at least manage, their stress, from Medical Mutual's Amber Hulme.

Changes to states’ sales, use tax laws will affect companies selling via the web

A recent court decision has cleared the way for states to enforce sales and use tax reporting requirements and enforce tax collection laws on those transactions, which has put a heavier burden on businesses to comply. Jeff Stonerock of Clarus Partners dishes on collection laws, what they mean for businesses and how to comply.

How to ensure you’re getting the most out of your accountant

Not all accountants are created equal. Learn the signs that indicate an accountant isn’t doing as much as he or she could to help move your business forward, from Clarus Partners' Kirk Trowbridge. And when those signs become apparent, it’s time to part ways.