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WGU IndianaAllison Barber communicates with her WGU Indiana team in an authentic, targeted and...

Allison Barber isn’t surprised that there are more ways to communicate in business today than ever before, but the top […]

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Allison Barber communicates with her WGU Indiana team...

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Acorn Distributors Inc.How Jennifer Rosenberg went from being the boss’s daughter to the boss at Acorn

It really bothers Jennifer Rosenberg, president of Acorn Distributors Inc., when she doesn’t make it around to each department every […]

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How Jennifer Rosenberg went from being the boss’s...


Paying employees to go to heath care exchanges doesn’t add up to savings

There is growing sentiment among companies that they can save money by not offering health care coverage to employees and instead give them money to go to a health care exchange. Considering all the tax implications, however, this is not a cost-effective alternative.

How to fix a broken company culture

Culture cannot be mandated, dictated, controlled or replicated. It can be created, shaped and sustained, but there has to be a means to do that, such as a collaborative leadership mindset, an effective framework of change and leadership willing to engage employees

How to compete for talent in today’s knowledge economy

In today’s knowledge economy, the value of employees has increased exponentially. Talent has become a key differentiator in a market in which products or services can be easily replicated. Midsize companies, however, often lack the resources to effectively manage the talent acquisition and retention process.

Peril awaits companies that forego change management

Companies spend millions of dollars on new ERP systems designed to improve productivity and increase efficiency. They allocate just pennies, however, for organizational change management — the difference between success and failure when installing new systems.

ACA compliance is made easier with HR information systems

As part of ACA compliance, employers this year will be required to report each employee’s monthly health insurance coverage status and hours as well as the cost of coverage and a benefits summary. One way to cope with the heavy compliance burden is with a human resource information system.