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WGU IndianaAllison Barber communicates with her WGU Indiana team in an authentic, targeted and...

Allison Barber isn’t surprised that there are more ways to communicate in business today than ever before, but the top […]

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Acorn Distributors Inc.How Jennifer Rosenberg went from being the boss’s daughter to the boss at Acorn

It really bothers Jennifer Rosenberg, president of Acorn Distributors Inc., when she doesn’t make it around to each department every […]

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How to avoid common mistakes during the hiring process

It’s no longer a buyer’s market for hiring managers. Companies that aren’t careful about the hiring process could be shut out when it comes to attracting top candidates.

Why midsize companies need engaged employees

Uninspired and disengaged employees have significant negative impact on an organization. Here's why engagement is particularly important for midsize companies.

How upfront planning leads to a higher return on your investment

You could build a perfectly streamlined business process, or add the most efficient tool, but if employees don’t understand how to execute it to meet your expectations, it’s not going to succeed.

How to creatively prepare for upcoming changes

William F. Hutter, president and CEO, Sequent