Making the most out of your new year at work

The new year is an opportunity to make positive changes. People pledge to lose weight or spend more time with family. In that same vein, many people look to make changes in their work life.

What you should know about health insurance in 2015

Complexity will define health insurance coverage for businesses in 2015. There are myriad considerations companies must make to provide affordable coverage for employees and avoid penalties.

Staffing agencies must meet ACA changes head on

Staffing agencies that supply companies with professional consultants, such as IT professionals, face a significant problem once the Affordable Care Act (ACA) rolls further into implementation this coming year.

Training on HR systems helps staffers better utilize the timesaving software

Human Resource systems are software programs designed to help HR staffers better execute their job functions. However, there are often barriers to implementation with even the best systems. Find out more about solutions to help.

Align your employee training strategy with the strategy of your business

Business leaders know that it’s critical to see how important employee learning and development is to their organization. But the one-size-fits-all approach to learning is being scrapped in favor of new ways of training.