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How Kathy Ireland expanded her portfolio to include a $2 billion design and...

John Ireland read the notice advertising for a newspaper carrier and just had to show it to his 11-year-old daughter, […]

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What to do when your company is named in a personal injury lawsuit

Owners of midsize or growing businesses often overlook the simple things that, if done up front, would help them avoid a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

Why today’s workforce needs liberal arts educated critical thinkers

Critical thinking is a major component of business for innovation, product services, manufacturing processes, business models and more, which all create value for customers. As a matter of fact, in a survey conducted by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, nearly all employer respondents said a demonstrated capacity for thinking critically is more important […]

How to consider what you’ll leave behind with a family-owned business

When you run a family business, you must make sure you’re considering the legacy you’ll leave behind for your children. That’s something Betty Uribe, Ed.D., Executive Vice President at California Bank & Trust, has firsthand experience with. She inherited a South American transportation business from her father, which she ran for several years from California […]

Why conducting regular royalty audits with your licensee is good business

Royalty auditing is a best practice that can strengthen the relationship between licensors and licensees. The key is building a customized audit program that ensures that licensors are getting what they signed up for in a contract agreement. “The tendency is to audit the poor performing or problem licensees, but even well performing licensees with good systems for managing financial records should be audited […]

How to encourage employee wellness and increase workplace contentment

Satinder Dhiman, Ph.D., Ed.D., associate dean, School of Business; chair and director, MBA Program; professor of management, Woodbury University