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Hudson JeansPeter Kim built Hudson Jeans in his own image, and customers are falling in love...

His product and his brand speak to customers in a way that make other entrepreneurs quite envious.

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Sagent PharmaceuticalsJeff Yordon thrives under intense scrutiny, and helps his team at Sagent...

He brushed aside the doubters and built a business that saves lives around the world.

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ProformaIt was the real deal that counted as Greg Muzzillo set out to franchise Proforma

Greg Muzzillo had put time and energy in launching franchises for his promotional items and business supply company Proforma — and the efforts were showing results.

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Performance HealthMarshall Dahneke turns problems into profits at Performance Health

He's converted the gray market for the company's products into a successful retail business.

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How to actively manage your workers’ compensation costs

A poorly managed workers’ compensation program could cause your insurance costs to skyrocket, and impact your balance sheet.

How to prepare for retirement through the decades — your 40s, 50s and 60s

When you’re young, retirement can seem too far in the future to be a concern. In many cases, people don’t start taking it more seriously until their 40s when they see their parents living in retirement. But as you get older there is not as much time to make up any shortfalls in your plan. Here's how to prepare at each stage of life before the planning window narrows.

How to reduce your costs in the age of the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act has made the health insurance environment unstable. Because the law is so new and was written in such a vague manner it has led to guessing, anxiety and estimates, in turn increasing premium prices. Here's how to reduce costs in the age of the ACA.

How to help your aging employees navigate through the various options

In the past decade, 52 percent of Americans were working past the Medicare-eligibility age of 65, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Instead of transitioning from a employer’s health plan to a retiree health plan, more individuals are faced with trying to navigate through dozens of different Medicare plan options on their own.

Align U.S. and European patent filing strategies for maximum efficiency

How to save money and ensure success when filing patents with the European Patent Office.