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Performance HealthMarshall Dahneke turns problems into profits at Performance Health

He's converted the gray market for the company's products into a successful retail business.

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Marc Stefanski’s message of culture and values at Third Federal never grows old

Marc Stefanski's biggest challenge at Third Federal Savings & Loan? It’s making sure employees absorb the corporate culture and values.

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Jordan Hansell makes connections and sets a common vision at NetJets

Jordan Hansell knew nothing about aviation when he started as general counsel at NetJets Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company, in 2009. Evidently, he’s a quick learner. As NetJets celebrates 50 years this month, the private aviation business is growing faster than ever — expanding into China and adding 425 new aircraft to its fleet.

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Nationwide InsuranceNationwide Insurance and Mark Pizzi unleash new ideas for customers of today and...

At Nationwide Insurance, Mark Pizzi, president and COO, is helping push insurance into the 21st century and adjust it for millennials and today’s consumers by being open to new ideas and innovation.

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What the AICPA’s new SOC 2 guidelines mean to your organization

Just three years into SOC 2 reporting, the AICPA has made a comprehensive effort to improve SOC 2 reporting standards. Why?

How to use a cost segregation study to shorten property depreciation

What property owners need to know about how a cost segregation study can shorten property depreciation.

How new lease accounting rules will impact businesses, lending industry

New lease accounting rules will require all leases to be on corporate balance sheets. Here's who will be impacted and how operating leases will function when the new rules take effect.

Charitable giving when selling your business offers benefits for everyone

How charitable contributions can be used to reduce income tax burden and leave a legacy of goodwill in a business owner’s community.

How to prepare for laws that give criminal offenders another chance

Ban the Box legislation is gaining steam and will require employers to adjust or face penalties.