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Northeast Ohio’s Smart 50 Awards celebrate area’s top executives

This year’s Smart 50 honorees have made a difference in their organizations and in the region. Their positive impact on employment has reinvented the Northeast Ohio landscape into one of the most up-and-coming business regions in the country.

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Northeast Ohio’s Smart 50 Awards celebrate...

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Taking the long viewChris Donahue bets big on the future of Federated Investors with acquisition

Federated’s Chris Donahue marks the ending of an era with Hermes acquisition, which sets the company up for the future of investing.

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Chris Donahue bets big on the future of Federated...

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Going beyondDave Kaufman steers Motorists into new fields, both in and out of business

Dave Kaufman makes his mark on Motorists and the community that surrounds it, as the company doubles in size.

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Dave Kaufman steers Motorists into new fields, both in...

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Bounce Innovation HubDoug Weintraub looks to rev up Akron’s newest entrepreneurial engine

Sitting in the driver’s seat of Akron’s newest economic development vehicle, it’s up to CEO Doug Weintraub to steer Bounce Innovation Hub to success.

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Doug Weintraub looks to rev up Akron’s newest...


Leases take a spot on the balance sheet with new accounting standards

Changes to the financial reporting of leases by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is a decision that is more than 10 years in the making, says Clark Schaefer Hackett's Eric J. Schnieber.

Developing a strong corporate culture through your attitudes and actions

Even when leaders achieve a comprehensive, objective view of their company’s culture, it’s far from simple to effect change when needed, says Dale Carnegie's Marilee MacAskill.

What business owners should be thinking about ahead of an exit

Selling a business isn’t just a financial transaction. Sam Agresti of Brady Ware & Company shares how business owners should prepare their business and themselves for an exit.

Using technology to gain independence from the office

If you don't want to be tied down to the office or a desk, it's time to consider the growing number of applications with mobile capacity, says David Cramer, manager of Business Development in Legal and Professional Services at Blue Technologies.

The importance of an entrepreneurial culture in established companies

Westfield Bank's Bill Schumacher breaks down entrepreneurship in business: what it looks like, how it’s nurtured and what role banks play in helping entrepreneurial companies get their financial footing.