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Jet Edge InternationalBill Papariella is finding a new groove as he pilots Jet Edge International to lead...

Bill Papariella faced the end of one dream, but it only gave him more energy for the pursuit of his next venture. See how it has propelled the growth of Jet Edge International.

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EY Greater Los AngelesPatrick Niemann will do whatever it takes to show his people at EY that he has their...

Patrick Niemann discovered the value of being able to work with others early in life. As the 10th of 11 […]

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Carter Logistics LLCCarter Logistics’ fights turnover with training, but the biggest lesson is copping...

Statistically speaking, John Paugh is doing much better at retaining truck drivers than the rest of the industry. Here's why.

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How to spot red flags of possible fraud in your finance department

Misappropriation of assets, bribes and violations of laws or regulations could be happening in your finance department. It only takes a motivated person to rationalize the crime and find an opportunity to commit it. Beware of these red flags.

Why not every cyber policy is the same — and what to do about it

So, you’ve decided to buy cyber coverage for your business, but what happens next? Follow these steps to get the right limits, endorsements and exclusions for your policy.

Understanding health care exchanges for both employers and individuals

By now everyone likely is familiar with the concept of exchanges, thanks to so much health care reform news coverage. But do you understand the differences between public and private? Find out the benefits of each before you need to purchase insurance.

How to better manage your workforce during times of change

The old adage that “change is the only constant” certainly holds true in the workplace. Leaders will always be faced with turnover, the implementation of new systems, reorganization and other changes to their environment. Check out these tips for managing your workforce during transitions.

How to prepare for travel accidents and emergencies with insurance

As business activity grows, staff members are spending more time on the road, increasing the chances of travel accidents and emergencies. However, travel insurance may be overlooked in the overall scheme of things.