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Invacare Corp.Matthew E. Monaghan is pushing the envelope of what’s possible at Invacare

The act of walking up to a door and pulling it open is something most people do many times every day without even thinking about it. For those in a wheelchair, however, it’s considerably more difficult.

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Matthew E. Monaghan is pushing the envelope of...

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The Fedeli GroupServant leader: Umberto P. Fedeli finds value in every relationship

It doesn’t matter if he’s functioning as president and CEO at The Fedeli Group, as a board member at the Cleveland Clinic or as a trusted confidant who has been asked by a friend for help. Umberto P. Fedeli plays to win.

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Servant leader: Umberto P. Fedeli finds value in every...

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The 2018 Medical Mutual Central Ohio Pillar Award for Community Service

For nearly a decade, we have honored many great companies and organizations whose employees have gone above and beyond to invest their time and resources in supporting our community.

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The 2018 Medical Mutual Central Ohio Pillar Award for...

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R&D DrivenRich Lunak and Innovation Works continue to change the startup world

Innovation Works' Rich Lunak shares how AlphaLab Gear got started and what's happening in product development today.

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Rich Lunak and Innovation Works continue to change the...


Add dollars to a deal with the right captive insurance structure

From a high level, captive insurance programs offer companies flexibility to manage their unique risks. Captives can also bring value to companies, and wealth to owners and stakeholders, but too often these opportunities aren’t recognized, says Imprise Financial's Andrew Seger.

Postmortem event meetings are a last chance to fix future mistakes

If insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, then any event planner that doesn’t do a postmortem after an event is crazy.Postmortems are an essential way to correct mistakes and make process improvements, says Ryan A. Konikoff, COO at Rock The House.

Important considerations when applying for an SBA loan

If you’re a small business owner, you may have questions about the best type of loan for your needs. Whether you’re just getting started or have been in business for years, you may be able to benefit from an SBA loan, says Northwest Bank's Kirk Jacobson.

Internal audit can make your company stronger

Although only public companies are required to have documented processes that identify internal controls, all companies could benefit from following a similar approach. A company should want to know where their problem areas are and then develop a plan to fix them, says Chrissy Walters, principal at Skoda Minotti.

Preventive care can help employees avoid medical issues, lower health costs

Many employees tend to only use their health plan when they’re sick, says Julie Bukowiec, senior medical policy analyst at Anthem, Inc. These employees often miss out on advantages of preventive care, which could help them avoid a more serious medical condition and higher costs. Here's what you need to know about preventive health measures and screenings.