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Mike Townsley talks future growth at Bob Evans Farms after split

Now that the restaurant and food businesses have been separated, it’s easier to tell the long-term growth story of Bob Evans Farms Inc.

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Mike Townsley talks future growth at Bob Evans Farms...

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The Peoples bossMorgan O’Brien’s vision wins over his employees at Peoples Natural Gas

Peoples exists to make its customers’ lives better. Morgan O'Brien truly believes that and he's worked to make his employees believers, too.

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Morgan O’Brien’s vision wins over his employees at...

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Ganley Auto GroupKenneth Ganley loves selling cars and shares his passion with the team at Ganley...

Kenneth Ganley has taken Ganley Auto Group, a company started by his father, and turned into one of the top dealerships in the U.S.

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Kenneth Ganley loves selling cars and shares his...

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Biery CheeseBen Biery leads Biery Cheese to many firsts in pursuit of growth

Leading a company spread across two states, completing a merger and launching the 90-year-old company's first branded products are just some of the challenges facing Ben Biery, CEO of Biery Cheese.

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Ben Biery leads Biery Cheese to many firsts in pursuit...


Are you in denial about your liability risk for employment-related claims?

Much like in a divorce, once people believe they have been harmed due to unfair or illegal treatment (i.e. termination of employment), an employee’s mindset can change from loyal to vindictive, says Zito Insurance's Chris Zito.

A diverse and inclusive workplace has many tangible benefits

Businesses have gotten better at hiring for diversity, but there is a need to foster an inclusionary work environment through practices and company norms to ensure those differences are welcomed and the benefits can be realized, says Corporate College's Tiffany Short.

What the elimination of the throwback rule means for Ohio businesses

Ohio’s recently enacted budget has eliminated the throwback rule, which means that businesses are no longer taxed by the city in which they are located for a sale made outside of their home city, says Barnes Wendling CPAs' Larry D. Friedman.

Reducing the impact of personal issues on business

Even more challenging than work-life balance, family discord unintentionally affects employment, says Kaitlyn D. Arthurs, Principal, Attorney and Mediator at McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman. Personal issues, such as divorce and custody disputes, may spill into the workplace and negatively impact daily operations. However, finding the right resources and support can prevent those issues from bleeding over.

How to negotiate a sale-leaseback so that both parties benefit

There has been a steady flow of sale-leasebacks in Cleveland as local, regional and national investors find themselves flush with cash, but with limited properties to buy, says Cushman & Wakefield/CRESCO Real Estate's Joseph V. Barna.