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Tod Sacerdoti and BrightRoll prioritized customer needs to set foot in video...

At Bright Roll, Tod Sacerdoti says there’s no way to anticipate the challenges you’ll face in an emerging category and you’ll never have all the answers before you start. But that doesn't mean you can't take risks.

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Dave DeWalt and FireEye create a new model to battle cybercrime

​Dave DeWalt would rather fight than switch. The ballyhooed security industry leader could have gone out on top after resuscitating […]

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TriNet Group Inc.TriNet CEO Burton Goldfield made it his mission to help companies grow and...

When Burton Goldfield was named CEO of TriNet Group Inc. in 2008, the HR outsourcing company was already successful in helping small businesses in Silicon Valley grow. But he had a much grander vision in mind.

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EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2014 Northern California Awards

Since 1986, EY has celebrated the entrepreneurial spirit of men and women who have followed and achieved their dreams, changing […]

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How to know if your business needs audited financial statements

As a business owner, you know the value of audited financial statements. But there are other financial reporting solutions.

How to prepare for retirement through the decades — your 40s, 50s and 60s

When you’re young, retirement can seem too far in the future to be a concern. In many cases, people don’t start taking it more seriously until their 40s when they see their parents living in retirement. But as you get older there is not as much time to make up any shortfalls in your plan. Here's how to prepare at each stage of life before the planning window narrows.

How planning now will lead to big tax savings next spring

Unless paying more tax than is required is desirable, proactive tax planning is a very good idea as many opportunities for tax reduction require action in the year preceding the filing of tax returns.

A look at how HRAs can be useful in gauging whether to go self-insured

The goal of an HRA is to lower health care costs, but it also helps you set ground rules for your plan.