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Jamba Juice Co.James D. White found the right blend of strategies to create a smooth turnaround at...

When James D. White came on-board with Jamba Juice Co. in December 2008, same store sales dipped 8 percent and […]

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Tips for an efficient, successful month-end close

Closing your books at the end of each month might not be the most exciting part of running a business, but efficient and accurate monthly closings are important for any organization.

How letters of credit can ease the stress of doing business overseas

Companies that only do three or four international sales a month are often not aware of the various payment mechanisms that are available to them.

Five key insights you need to know about retirement

Many people don’t give retirement enough thought and wait until it is too late to plan. It’s important to start with the end game in mind. Dream big and plan ahead. “Our philosophy is that you should start from the other end of the equation and ask yourself several questions. What do you want to […]

Benchmark your employee benefit plan by comparing survey trends

Employees have become savvier about what they expect from benefit plans. See how your employee benefits stack up with this 2013 survey of 401(k) plans and other benefit plan trends.

What your business needs to stay on top of changes in health care reform

Is the Affordable Care Act (ACA) working? That may depend on your political point of view, but based strictly on the numbers, it appears to be a success. About 8 million people have signed up for private insurance in the Health Insurance Marketplace thus far and as of February, another 3 million were enrolled with Medi-Cal, […]