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Source4TeachersJeff Fox develops leaders at Source4Teachers by starting with the right hires

J. Jeffrey Fox, CEO and managing member of Source4Teachers, stays plugged into the job market looking for outside talent, while assessing his internal team, too.

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SAP AmericasRodolpho Cardenuto and SAP Americas are helping companies gain a competitive edge

The movie “Moneyball” depicted how baseball executives use statistics to predict outcomes and allocate resources. Rodolpho Cardenuto, president of SAP Americas, foresees a similar approach in the business world with big data.

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Corporate InteriorsJanice Leone works hard to help employees find their sweet spot at Corporate...

It was a question Janice Leone just had to ask. She was on an airplane, and just happened to be […]

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ParenteBeard LLCRobert J. Ciaruffoli isn’t afraid to put employees first at ParenteBeard LLC

Robert J. Ciaruffoli isn’t afraid of hiring too many people to come work at ParenteBeard LLC. His fear is exactly […]

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How to prepare for laws that give criminal offenders another chance

Ban the Box legislation is gaining steam and will require employers to adjust or face penalties.

How boards of directors can offer insight and help a business succeed 

Most people understand the significance of a board of directors within the public company world. Unfortunately, far too many private companies recognize only the legal formality of a board; too few understand the incredible value such a group can provide.

Covering the property of others when you have care, custody and control

When you take custody or possession of someone’s property you can create a bailment situation. Find out how to cover this exposure and risk.

How to protect your trademark online

Social media gives companies a platform to build brand recognition and loyalty. A trademark is a critical piece of establishing a brand identity.

How to prepare for a wage and hour claim — before it hits your business

Wage and hour claims are liability claims or lawsuits from an employee (plaintiff) against their employer for uncompensated work hours. Here's what employers need to know about these claims, including how to protect their company.