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Scale upTim Wallace guides iPipeline through rapid growth

Taking a $8 million company and growing it by more than 400 percent in six years is no small feat. But leading companies through tremendous growth and subsequent profitability is Tim Wallace’s career specialty.

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Tim Wallace guides iPipeline through rapid growth

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Digital integrationLiquidHub connects health care, financial services firms to their customers

By adjusting strategy to address market demand, LiquidHub has doubled annual sales in the last three years and was named one of America’s Most Promising Companies by Forbes.

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LiquidHub connects health care, financial services...

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www.woz.orgSteve Wozniak never stopped innovating and helped Apple become king of computers

Steve Jobs was a visionary and a dreamer who could pitch an idea while Steve Wozniak was content to be an engineer all his life. Together, it defined Apple.

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Steve Wozniak never stopped innovating and helped...

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Source4TeachersJeff Fox develops leaders at Source4Teachers by starting with the right hires

J. Jeffrey Fox, CEO and managing member of Source4Teachers, stays plugged into the job market looking for outside talent, while assessing his internal team, too.

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Jeff Fox develops leaders at Source4Teachers by...


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