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Digital integrationLiquidHub connects health care, financial services firms to their customers

By adjusting strategy to address market demand, LiquidHub has doubled annual sales in the last three years and was named one of America’s Most Promising Companies by Forbes.

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Source4TeachersJeff Fox develops leaders at Source4Teachers by starting with the right hires

J. Jeffrey Fox, CEO and managing member of Source4Teachers, stays plugged into the job market looking for outside talent, while assessing his internal team, too.

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SAP AmericasRodolpho Cardenuto and SAP Americas are helping companies gain a competitive edge

The movie “Moneyball” depicted how baseball executives use statistics to predict outcomes and allocate resources. Rodolpho Cardenuto, president of SAP Americas, foresees a similar approach in the business world with big data.

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Corporate InteriorsJanice Leone works hard to help employees find their sweet spot at Corporate...

It was a question Janice Leone just had to ask. She was on an airplane, and just happened to be […]

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A growing number of businesses are offering both public and private Wi-Fi

Customers not only want it, but they expect wireless access anywhere they go.

How to manage the risks to seize the opportunities to go international

The reasons for a business to consider expanding internationally are many and compelling: the domestic market for its products or services is saturated, intense competition, margin pressures, etc. The goal is to increase revenues and expand market share.

How to take advantage of the accelerating M&A market

As the M&A market for small businesses continues to recover after the recession, now is the time for potential sellers to begin planning.

How to actively manage your workers’ compensation costs

A poorly managed workers’ compensation program could cause your insurance costs to skyrocket, and impact your balance sheet.

How to reduce your costs in the age of the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act has made the health insurance environment unstable. Because the law is so new and was written in such a vague manner it has led to guessing, anxiety and estimates, in turn increasing premium prices. Here's how to reduce costs in the age of the ACA.