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Source4TeachersJeff Fox develops leaders at Source4Teachers by starting with the right hires

J. Jeffrey Fox, CEO and managing member of Source4Teachers, is constantly looking for where “the bodies are buried,” so to speak. Not only does he always need to stay plugged into the job market looking for outside talent with the right skills, but he also needs to know in advance when he must hire somebody so he can bring them on-board relatively quickly as the company grows.

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SAP AmericasRodolpho Cardenuto and SAP Americas are helping companies gain a competitive edge

The movie “Moneyball” depicted how baseball executives use statistics to predict outcomes and allocate resources. Rodolpho Cardenuto, president of SAP Americas, foresees a similar approach in the business world with big data.

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Corporate InteriorsJanice Leone works hard to help employees find their sweet spot at Corporate...

It was a question Janice Leone just had to ask. She was on an airplane, and just happened to be […]

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ParenteBeard LLCRobert J. Ciaruffoli isn’t afraid to put employees first at ParenteBeard LLC

Robert J. Ciaruffoli isn’t afraid of hiring too many people to come work at ParenteBeard LLC. His fear is exactly […]

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S corporation vs. LLC: Which is the better option?

One of the first tasks a new business owner must address involves the question — What type of entity should I choose to operate my business?

A look at what’s driving businesses to identify more ways to work together

Many businesses want to create and nurture a workplace environment in which both leaders and employees share ideas and work collaboratively to provide a great product or service to customers. Technology is a tool that can serve as an important component to reaching this outcome.

What’s in a name? How important is the named insured on your insurance policy

It seems simple. Make sure all entities are listed as named insureds on your insurance policy. However, companies still make mistakes with this.

How to manage the benefits and risks of social media in the workplace

As the number of people and businesses using social media continues to proliferate, workplace social media policies are getting more attention.

How to achieve a lean finance department in your company

The advantages of operating a lean finance department and how to accomplish it.