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CertaPro PaintersRich Wilson had to find the right mix so the culture at CertaPro Painters could go...

When Rich Wilson joined CertaPro Painters in 2003, the company was taking in about $50 million a year in sales. […]

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How to manage the benefits and risks of social media in the workplace

As the number of people and businesses using social media continues to proliferate, workplace social media policies are getting more attention.

How to achieve a lean finance department in your company

The advantages of operating a lean finance department and how to accomplish it.

How to spot red flags of possible fraud in your finance department

Misappropriation of assets, bribes and violations of laws or regulations could be happening in your finance department. It only takes a motivated person to rationalize the crime and find an opportunity to commit it. Beware of these red flags.

Why not every cyber policy is the same — and what to do about it

So, you’ve decided to buy cyber coverage for your business, but what happens next? Follow these steps to get the right limits, endorsements and exclusions for your policy.