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84 Lumber84 Lumber, Nemacolin founder Joe Hardy stays curious, engaged and always puts people...

Joseph “Joe” Hardy, founder of 84 Lumber and Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, isn’t a fan of slowing down at age 91, although his daughter holds the reins now.

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ExOneS. Kent Rockwell positions ExOne for growth by focusing on the greatest...

As S. Kent Rockwell has invested, he's learned what makes businesses grow — and fail. And in a few cases, Rockwell believed enough to become involved in the operations — like with ExOne.

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Aesynt Inc.In pursuit of growth, Kraig McEwen leads Aesynt back to its roots

In 2011, the McKesson Corp. hired CEO Kraig McEwen to jumpstart McKesson Automation’s growth. And just over a year into his tenure running the company, he and his team came up with a solution — sell the business.

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Charles Sanders seizes opportunities to develop Urban Lending Solutions into a...

Charles “Chuck” Sanders, CEO and founder of Urban Lending Solutions, isn’t afraid to take chances when he sees an opportunity.

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How to educate employees on emergency department use

Using an emergency department (ED) for routine treatment is generally seen as a waste of health care resources and a contributor to rising health care costs. But any employer hoping to be able to educate his or her employees about judicious use of the ED has to understand this is no easy task.

How 3-D renderings benefit the design process

It’s hard to come by an industry that’s unaffected by the rapid proliferation of technology, and the interior design sector has not been spared in this technological surge. Hand-drawn renderings and perspectives have become almost obsolete with the introduction of digital rendering software.

How the ACA guidelines affect workplace wellness programs

Workplace wellness is not a new concept. Many employers offer wellness programs to keep employees active and productive. Every bit as important, however, is the long-term goal of reducing health care costs as a result of healthier lifestyles and behaviors. But not all wellness programs are the same.

Understanding health care exchanges for both employers and individuals

By now everyone likely is familiar with the concept of exchanges, thanks to so much health care reform news coverage. But do you understand the differences between public and private? Find out the benefits of each before you need to purchase insurance.

How to better manage your workforce during times of change

The old adage that “change is the only constant” certainly holds true in the workplace. Leaders will always be faced with turnover, the implementation of new systems, reorganization and other changes to their environment. Check out these tips for managing your workforce during transitions.