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RechargedVivek Gupta brings a fresh perspective to Mastech Digital

Vivek Gupta is helping change Mastech Digital into a bigger, better and bolder company. Here’s a look at the transformation journey so far.

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Vivek Gupta brings a fresh perspective to Mastech...

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Seal the dealM&A activity remains strong, as dealmakers watch the markets closely

The M&A market remains strong, despite the slowdown that could be on the horizon. Pittsburgh dealmakers share what they saw in 2018 and what they anticipate next.

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M&A activity remains strong, as dealmakers watch...

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On the right trackBob Bauer shifts the focus from products to solutions at L.B. Foster

As L.B. Foster switches its business model, Bob Bauer shares how the company is seizing its opportunities and setting up for another 100 years of success.

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Bob Bauer shifts the focus from products to solutions...

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All about valueChris Keller stays focused on the big picture at IPEG

Chris Keller plays it smart with disciplined investment at IPEG that amplifies its business strategy and focuses on the future.

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Chris Keller stays focused on the big picture at IPEG


Know what you’re getting into before you sign the loan papers

Business owners often focus more on ‘getting the loan’ than on the specific terms and covenants of the loan. This can be a mistake that later hinders the operations of the business, says Christian A. Farmakis of Babst Calland.

A closer look at the factors that affect decision-making for business owners

Huntington Bank's John Augustine shares where business owners can get reliable, local information that can be used for strategic planning and decision-making.

Taking your benefits plan for a ‘test drive’

Plan modeling helps employers to identify the best use of resources and to engage in experimentation without taking on risks. JRG Advisors' Aaron Ochs explains how.

Life insurance as a risk management vehicle to preserve company value

Life insurance can preserve company value in the event of the unexpected loss of a key individual. Huntington Bank's Jim Altman shares how.

Bridging the gap of time, distance and affordability in health care

Telehealth innovations are a significant step forward in mitigating rising health care costs, says Ron Carmassi of JRG Advisors. Here's how they can be a supplement or temporary substitute for traditional medical care.