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Building on StrengthPittsburgh’s proud history in manufacturing paves the way for future success

With continued innovation and investment, Pittsburgh is well positioned to build on its past success to become a manufacturing leader. But it isn't without its risks.

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Pittsburgh’s proud history in manufacturing paves...

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Manufacturing in PittsburghAdditive manufacturing gives an edge to U.S. companies

By getting in on the ground floor of additive manufacturing, Albensi Laboratories has not only survived, it has thrived. Here's what it advises others who are adding digitization and additive manufacturing today.

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Additive manufacturing gives an edge to U.S. companies

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Manufacturing in PittsburghA business mix for today’s global world

U.S. manufacturers have to find ways to expand, ways to do things that can’t be offshored. Or else, be competitive with automation or technology. It's all about having the right business mix.

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A business mix for today’s global world

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Manufacturing in PittsburghTraining the next generation of employees

Many manufacturers are getting creative with their workforce development as they not only deal with lost experience when people retire but also have a hard time finding job candidates.

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Training the next generation of employees


How to choose the right document management solution

Document management systems can seem complex and daunting, but that's not an excuse for using old version or not even using DMS. All Covered Pittsburgh's Stephan J. Cico gives the ins and outs of document management.

Industry changes mean the right captive manager is even more critical

Single parent captives continue to be a viable risk management option, even though a pending court case may impose new rules for how they can be set up and run. Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.'s Robert Zedreck discusses what’s going on with captives and how some companies are successfully using them.

Self-funding is a viable strategy for more and more employers

Because of the effects of the Affordable Care Act and ever-escalating costs, employers need to focus on where their medical dollars are being spent. That's why it's time to consider self-funded health plans, says Domenic Pascucci of JRG Advisors. Self-insurance is now a viable option for employers as small as 25 employees or less.

Settle disputes before they happen by drafting effective governing documents

There are misconceptions that people have at the outset of a business relationship that, over time, can present difficulties for the entity they create. That's why Christopher Passodelis, Jr. of Sherrard, German & Kelly, P.C. encourages partners to create governing documents that set the rules that guide the actions of a company from the start.

More employers look to outsource leave management services

Managing employee leaves of absence is becoming more complex for employers of all sizes. That’s why more employers, large and small, are looking to outsource leave management services. Linda Croushore of UPMC WorkPartners shares how to navigate the challenging proposition of managing absence.