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A recipe for expansionBill Sarris manages growth at Sarris Candies with a dollop of old-fashioned values

For more than 50 years with various additions, Sarris Candies has grown from Founder Frank Sarris’ basement into a $45 million company with 500 employees, during peak season.

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CATALYST FOR CHANGEThe Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and Kevin McMahon stay nimble to stretch resources

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and J. Kevin McMahon are in the business of doing things — but unlike other arts and cultural organizations, it goes far beyond booking shows, creating events or opening galleries.

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Sheetz Inc.Joe Sheetz steps in to lead Sheetz, where the line between family and employees...

Since he took over as president and CEO last year from his cousin, Joe Sheetz is doing his best to follow in the footsteps of the company’s three former CEOs who are all still part of the family ownership group.

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84 Lumber84 Lumber, Nemacolin founder Joe Hardy stays curious, engaged and always puts people...

Joseph “Joe” Hardy, founder of 84 Lumber and Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, isn’t a fan of slowing down at age 91, although his daughter holds the reins now.

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How to help your aging employees navigate through the various options

In the past decade, 52 percent of Americans were working past the Medicare-eligibility age of 65, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Instead of transitioning from a employer’s health plan to a retiree health plan, more individuals are faced with trying to navigate through dozens of different Medicare plan options on their own.

How to keep your retirement package competitive with benchmarking

Benchmarking a retirement package should include a number of different metrics — not just fees — and that’s where many employers fall short.

How to make working capital a priority for your business

The financial landscape has changed enormously since the latest economic recession. As easy access to large amounts of affordable credit vanished, businesses quickly realized that they needed to focus their attention on building and maintaining an optimal level of working capital if they were to survive and thrive in the evolving world.

How to make time for wellness, no matter the obstacles

The goal of wellness is considered desirable for many. Wellness — pursuing the goal of emotional and physical health — however, is often elusive, including for business leaders.

Self-funded insurance: As the benefits become evident, more companies choose local control

Today’s business climate calls for unique and cutting-edge employee benefits solutions. Pre-packaged medical plans do not always offer the greatest value. Employers of all sizes are looking to customize their plans around the requirements of their business, which has led to an increased interest in self-funding.

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