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The Pittsburgh Smart 50 help spark the region’s business success and strength

Smart Business presents the Chase Smart 50 Awards to celebrate and recognize Pittsburgh’s top executives for their ability to effectively build and lead innovative and “smart” organizations.

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A recipe for expansionBill Sarris manages growth at Sarris Candies with a dollop of old-fashioned values

For more than 50 years with various additions, Sarris Candies has grown from Founder Frank Sarris’ basement into a $45 million company with 500 employees, during peak season.

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CATALYST FOR CHANGEThe Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and Kevin McMahon stay nimble to stretch resources

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and J. Kevin McMahon are in the business of doing things — but unlike other arts and cultural organizations, it goes far beyond booking shows, creating events or opening galleries.

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Sheetz Inc.Joe Sheetz steps in to lead Sheetz, where the line between family and employees...

Since he took over as president and CEO last year from his cousin, Joe Sheetz is doing his best to follow in the footsteps of the company’s three former CEOs who are all still part of the family ownership group.

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How to start along the right track to retire with the lifestyle you expect

When it comes to saving for retirement, people can be their own worst enemy. Worldwide, 82 percent of people worry about how they will fare financially during retirement, but they don’t adequately plan, spending more time planning vacations than preparing for retirement.

How a move consultant can reduce the burden of your office relocation

Relocation can be a challenge, but careful planning can be the difference between a move that’s difficult and one that’s smooth.

How to engage your staff and create a more productive workforce

An important part of the supervisor’s role is motivating employees, and it is a major concern for seasoned and new supervisors alike. What many supervisors may not realize is that there are skills managers can learn to help motivate employees and create greater employee engagement in the workplace.

Individual open enrollment period here again for next three months

The next open enrollment period in which individuals can buy health insurance policies on and off the health insurance marketplace runs from Nov. 15, 2014 to Feb. 15, 2015. Here's what individuals need to know about the open enrollment process.

How to protect your business against modern fraud

The threat of cybercrime and Internet fraud looms large in 2014. With the expansion of global markets comes a rise in tech-savvy criminals who are poised to breach privacy and threaten organizations across the world.

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