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The Pittsburgh Penguins, and David Morehouse, push to stay ahead of the curve

David Morehouse propels the Pittsburgh Penguins in new directions — on and off the ice — with a collaborative, innovative culture.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins, and David Morehouse, push to...

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Written in the DNAInnovation is integral to Philips Sleep and Respiratory Care

John Frank plays to Philips Sleep and Respiratory Care’s strength — innovation — to meet the future head on and transform the business.

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Innovation is integral to Philips Sleep and...

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Taking the long viewChris Donahue bets big on the future of Federated Investors with acquisition

Federated’s Chris Donahue marks the ending of an era with Hermes acquisition, which sets the company up for the future of investing.

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Chris Donahue bets big on the future of Federated...

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Steven Massaro elevates teamwork to new levels at Massaro Corp.

Steven Massaro retrofits the processes at Massaro Corp. to increase teamwork and structure the company for success.

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Steven Massaro elevates teamwork to new levels at...


Strategy is the key to managing rising health care costs

Avoiding rising health care costs is nearly impossible, says Jessica A. Galardini of JRG Advisors. That's why employers need to be educated on why they continue to rise and the unique strategies available to manage these costs.

Courts are shifting the cybersecurity onus toward companies

With data breach litigation, courts, in general, are starting to look for ways to hold companies, which are the custodians of the data, responsible. Babst Calland's Molly Meacham discusses how to treat cybersecurity in light of this trend.

Why mitigating cyber fraud should be a top priority in your company

Cybersecurity threats like ransomware, malware and phishing attacks are affecting companies’ financial accounts today. Huntington Bank's Jim Altman shares how companies and their banks can mitigate those threats.

How to reduce cost without reducing benefits

Insurance companies and TPAs are creating funding alternatives for groups of almost all sizes, which could potentially reduce their benefits cost. JRG Advisors' Domenic Pascucci discusses these.

How early stage companies can use SBA loans to grow their business

SBA lending is down, but it still has role in this economy as a growth tool. Huntington Bank's Jim Altman explains how SBA loans and early stage companies work together.