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Pay it forwardGary DeJidas mentors the next generation of leaders at GAI Consultants

GAI's Gary DeJidas coaches his staff to take on increasing responsibility with leadership development and employee engagement within the $160 million company.

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Gary DeJidas mentors the next generation of leaders at...

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Pittsburgh’s Smart 50 Awards celebrate the region’s top executives

The 2019 Pittsburgh honorees are making a noticeable impact on the communities, industries and organizations that they work and live in. Meet this year's Smart 50 class.

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Pittsburgh’s Smart 50 Awards celebrate the...

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Bold VisionHow Chuck Mattera grew II-VI into a multibillion-dollar business

Chuck Mattera helps II-VI Inc., a leader in engineered materials, optoelectronic components and optical systems, seize opportunities to grow.

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How Chuck Mattera grew II-VI into a...

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Regional ConnectorPat Gallagher envisions a more impactful and relevant University of Pittsburgh

Pat Gallagher challenges the university to reach more deeply into the community.

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Pat Gallagher envisions a more impactful and relevant...


How to set your company up for success on the international market

In spite of the headwinds, the international markets continue to offer compelling opportunities. Huntington Bank's Jim Altman shares his keys to finding success.

Selling a business to an ESOP offers more than just financial benefits

The process, benefits and reasons to sell a company to an ESOP — an employees stock ownership plan — according to Jim Altman, Middle Market Pennsylvania Regional Executive at Huntington Bank.

The crackdown on aftermarket defeat devices on vehicles

Recent enforcement efforts by the EPA are targeting parts manufacturers and installers of aftermarket defeat devices on vehicles, including some less than obvious targets, says Babst Calland's Julie Domike and Gina Falaschi.

How to efficiently manage your technology assets

In today’s environment, technology is everywhere. That's why it's critical for companies to manage their technology assets throughout their lifespan, says Huntington Bank's Jim Altman.

How to reorganize the chaos of open enrollment

JRG Advisors' Keith Kartman provides tips for making your next open enrollment as pain-free as possible for both employees and employers.