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Authentic leadershipAccion Labs demystifies its culture with transparency

Accion Labs has grown quickly, but in a service-based business, the ability to maintain quality is critical. It all comes down to maintaining the right work culture.

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Accion Labs demystifies its culture with transparency

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NEP Group expands across the globe, building a worldwide network

Over three years, NEP Group Inc. has more than doubled in size, with greater than 50 percent of its business now outside the U.S. It hasn’t always been easy, but NEP stuck to an aggressive growth path to become a global business.

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NEP Group expands across the globe, building a...

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Targeted TransformationDDI keeps the best of what it is, while focusing on the future

With a DDI leadership shift, there has come a recognition that the company needs to invest in the right areas for the future, while keeping its core values.

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DDI keeps the best of what it is, while focusing on...

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Mindset switchTeleTracking, Michael Gallup employ a long view to shape building blocks of change

The long view affects everything TeleTracking and its more than 350 employees do, including building new products as it migrates from a point solution provider to a provider focused on driving customer outcomes.

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TeleTracking, Michael Gallup employ a long view to...


Improve your business collaboration over email, IM, phone or video

Your company may already be using technology for business collaboration, but how can you do so more effectively? Stephan J. Cico, managing director at All Covered Pittsburgh, provides ideas for enhancing the way your company collaborates.

Experiential marketing in health care: The new frontier in advertising, today

As companies prepare marketing budgets and strategies, they should look at consumer trends to develop a solution to maximize marketing ROI and explore new strategies, especially experiential marketing. The health care industry is no exception. Maggie Ellison of Event Marketing Strategies shares how experiential marketing fits in with health care advertising goals.

How communication and technology can improve overall patient experience

One of the most difficult components of an effective rounding program is getting buy-in from the staff that will be out on the floor performing rounds, says Chris Dube, COO at Sentact. Once you get their support, it can go a long way toward improving HCAHPS results.

Energy-efficient resolutions for the New Year

TPI's Karl Shaw outlines energy initiatives and purchasing strategies that can help your business thrive in the New Year.

How to structure your company retirement plan for long-term success

Your small or midsized business is unique, with unique challenges and needs. So why would you incorporate an “off-the-shelf” or “401(k) in a box” retirement plan, and expect to get results? Fragasso Financial Advisors' Robert Yelenovsky shares how to set up a retirement program that contributes to your long-term success.