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Commit to growthParagon Foods invests in its people for the well-being of all

Paragon Food's Elaine Bellin has invested in her people. It was her greatest challenge and also her greatest opportunity to encourage Paragon’s growth.

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Paragon Foods invests in its people for the well-being...

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A creative business solution guides Knichel Logistics to success

Running a family business like Knichel Logistics presents a unique set of challenges, but the ability to be creative and flexible can be beneficial.

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A creative business solution guides Knichel Logistics...

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Building on StrengthPittsburgh’s proud history in manufacturing paves the way for future success

With continued innovation and investment, Pittsburgh is well positioned to build on its past success to become a manufacturing leader. But it isn't without its risks.

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Pittsburgh’s proud history in manufacturing paves...

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Manufacturing in PittsburghAdditive manufacturing gives an edge to U.S. companies

By getting in on the ground floor of additive manufacturing, Albensi Laboratories has not only survived, it has thrived. Here's what it advises others who are adding digitization and additive manufacturing today.

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Additive manufacturing gives an edge to U.S. companies


How to make safety monitoring a part of your routine

Hospitals assess patient safety through many different metrics that include compliance with both regulatory and national patient safety goals. However, to achieve these goals, it is important that hospitals complete rounds that support performance.

Rethink the need for D&O

Spending a little more premium to package directors and officers liability insurance onto your employment practices liability coverage could turn out to be one the most important assets for your organization. Arthur J. Gallagher's Dereck M. Malzi discusses the importance of D&O.

Reduce employer expense, increase take-home pay with FSA, HRA or HSA

You should carefully consider your employee contribution strategy in your health plan because employees rate their contribution (payroll deduction) more importantly than the benefit level and often more than the network providers. Ron Carmassi of JRG Advisors discusses some options, including FSA, HRA and HSA.

How population health management can save you big money

Poor health costs the U.S. economy nearly $600 billion per year, with a significant chunk of that cost coming from lost productivity. But employers are fighting back. One way is by incorporating population health management into a benefits package. Marion McGowan of the UPMC Insurance Services Division explains how.

Lease or buy? Factors to consider before buying new equipment

One of the most significant decisions a business owner can make is whether to lease or buy the equipment that keeps the operation running, says Jim Altman, middle market Pennsylvania Regional Executive at Huntington Bank. Here are the key factors to consider before buying new equipment.