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In safe handsPam Petrow and Vector Security adapt to new technology

Technology has created a new dynamic in many businesses, and Vector Security is no exception. Pam Petrow shares how the company has adapted.

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Pam Petrow and Vector Security adapt to new technology

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R&D DrivenRich Lunak and Innovation Works continue to change the startup world

Innovation Works' Rich Lunak shares how AlphaLab Gear got started and what's happening in product development today.

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Rich Lunak and Innovation Works continue to change the...

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Executives adapt with changing times to ensure business longevity

Companies that have been around for more than 50 years have learned a thing or two about adapting to the marketplace. Regional business leaders share their experiences pivoting their business for long-term success.

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Executives adapt with changing times to ensure...

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2017 Pittsburgh Smart 50Top executives strengthen the region, contribute to its economic success

This year’s Smart 50 class leads a wide range of organizations, but the executives all share a common trait: passion. Meet the 2017 Smart 50 honorees.

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Top executives strengthen the region, contribute to...


How clinical intervention can improve the health of those at highest risk

A few people typically drive most health care spending, so it’s important to help those first. Learn about the holistic clinical prevention model from Justin Schaneman and Rene Sims of HCMS Group, a WorkPartners affiliate.

Understanding the stages of the financial life cycle

Ideally, business owners would take a comprehensive approach to managing their wealth over their entire financial life cycle — a life cycle that aligns closely with that of their business. However, most don’t. Huntington Bank's Robert Klug talks wealth management for business owners.

Nonprofits are cyber targets, too. Do you know your cyberrisk?

Nonprofits often don’t have the funds to build a strong IT infrastructure or purchase cyber insurance. Without an IT department, they also are likely to miss updating software and installing security updates. Gallagher's Ryan Brandt explains how nonprofits can mitigate their cyberrisk.

How to leverage data to predict the 5 percent who drive the most health cost

High-cost cases happen to high-risk individuals — those with multiple conditions who often deal with family and work issues. This comes at a price to their health and their employer’s bottom line. HCMS Group's Justin Schaneman and Rene Sims explain how data can help identify these individuals.

Companies must identify, quantify risk to brace for turbulent future

Globalization has led to new and different risks, which could affect income and operating statements through volatility in currencies and commodities. And interest rate increases only add to the worry. Huntington Bank's Jim Altman talks about areas of increasing risk and forming a strategy to address them.