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Change the boxEat’n Park catches guests’ attention with a shinier, more convenient package

Eat’n Park noticed some dips in its sales numbers about five years ago. It wasn’t dramatic, but it was noticeable, says President and CEO Jeff Broadhurst. Learn how the 67-year-old brand stays relevant.

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Eat’n Park catches guests’ attention with a...

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Authentic leadershipAccion Labs demystifies its culture with transparency

Accion Labs has grown quickly, but in a service-based business, the ability to maintain quality is critical. It all comes down to maintaining the right work culture.

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Accion Labs demystifies its culture with transparency

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NEP Group expands across the globe, building a worldwide network

Over three years, NEP Group Inc. has more than doubled in size, with greater than 50 percent of its business now outside the U.S. It hasn’t always been easy, but NEP stuck to an aggressive growth path to become a global business.

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NEP Group expands across the globe, building a...

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Targeted TransformationDDI keeps the best of what it is, while focusing on the future

With a DDI leadership shift, there has come a recognition that the company needs to invest in the right areas for the future, while keeping its core values.

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DDI keeps the best of what it is, while focusing on...


Mezzanine capital serves a purpose for those who know how to use it

Mezzanine debt can provide flexible, longer term capital, which is less expensive and dilutive than equity. Huntington Bank's Jim Altman discusses the situations in which mezzanine capital can be leveraged as well as what criteria those who borrow mezzanine capital must meet in order to qualify for it.

How to couple event experiences and social media to drive engagement

Social is an important complement to support and strengthen a well-executed experiential campaign. It can take face-to-face interactions and amplify their reach and consumer engagement in the digital space. Drew McCartt of Event Marketing Strategies explains how to do this successfully.

New OSHA rules reshape drug testing and filing requirements

New rules, under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, will have widespread ripples in the business world this year, with regards to drug-testing policies and the way injuries and illnesses are reported. Learn what these OSHA changes mean for employers from Arthur J. Gallagher's Josh Daly.

What does a new president mean for employee benefits?

With the inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump imminent, it is still not certain what his administration will ultimately mean for health care. Here's what we do know about the state of employee benefits and Trump's promises, via JRG Advisors' Frances Horn.

Minimize project disputes through patient, thorough planning

The progress and success of a construction project is often defined by time well spent in the early planning and preparation process. Too often, however, developers, contractors and design professionals rush to start a project. Edward B. Gentilcore of Sherrard, German & Kelly, P.C. provides tips for minimizing project disputes.