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R&D DrivenRich Lunak and Innovation Works continue to change the startup world

Innovation Works' Rich Lunak shares how AlphaLab Gear got started and what's happening in product development today.

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Rich Lunak and Innovation Works continue to change the...

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Executives adapt with changing times to ensure business longevity

Companies that have been around for more than 50 years have learned a thing or two about adapting to the marketplace. Regional business leaders share their experiences pivoting their business for long-term success.

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Executives adapt with changing times to ensure...

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2017 Pittsburgh Smart 50Top executives strengthen the region, contribute to its economic success

This year’s Smart 50 class leads a wide range of organizations, but the executives all share a common trait: passion. Meet the 2017 Smart 50 honorees.

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Top executives strengthen the region, contribute to...

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The Peoples bossMorgan O’Brien’s vision wins over his employees at Peoples Natural Gas

Peoples exists to make its customers’ lives better. Morgan O'Brien truly believes that and he's worked to make his employees believers, too.

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Morgan O’Brien’s vision wins over his employees at...


Planning and consideration for executives near retirement

An executive's peak earning years can be sweet, but they can also be short. Robert Klug, regional executive at The Huntington Private Bank, discusses the retirement challenges facing the C-level.

How to successfully set yourself up to grow globally

The internet has made going global easier, but an abundance of information isn't a stand-in for situational due diligence. Jim Altman of Huntington Bank shares how to build a network of advisers who can help assemble your foreign market strategy.

What your employees really want in their benefits package

When salaries fall short, many employers to get creative to recruit and retain top-notch talent. JRG Advisors’ Rob Higginbotham discusses key areas to pay attention to in your employee benefits.

How to keep sickness away from your vacation

It’s important to take time off work, but it’s no fun spending your vacation sick. Melinda L. Schriver, of Telehealth Strategic Solutions at UPMC Health Plan, gives tips for staying healthy.

How to increase employee engagement with alternative benefits offerings

Benefits are confusing and stressful, and many employees make decisions without understanding whether a plan is suited for their needs. JRG Advisors’ Ron Carmassi explains how alternative benefits can help alleviate dissatisfaction.