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#1 Cochran evolves to customer expectations, pushing others to follow suit

#1 Cochran, considered the automotive retail leader in Western Pennsylvania, stays true to its culture of innovation as the industry changes.

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#1 Cochran evolves to customer expectations, pushing...

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Commit to growthParagon Foods invests in its people for the well-being of all

Paragon Food's Elaine Bellin has invested in her people. It was her greatest challenge and also her greatest opportunity to encourage Paragon’s growth.

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Paragon Foods invests in its people for the well-being...

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A creative business solution guides Knichel Logistics to success

Running a family business like Knichel Logistics presents a unique set of challenges, but the ability to be creative and flexible can be beneficial.

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A creative business solution guides Knichel Logistics...

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Building on StrengthPittsburgh’s proud history in manufacturing paves the way for future success

With continued innovation and investment, Pittsburgh is well positioned to build on its past success to become a manufacturing leader. But it isn't without its risks.

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Pittsburgh’s proud history in manufacturing paves...


How to avoid the plan administration pitfalls of employee benefits

Take some time to review the pitfalls of employee benefits plan administration. Frances Horn of JRG Advisors shares what to watch for.

Simple, visible moves help in achieving a culture of wellness

Small, simple, but visible moves can communicate that employers are serious about improving the health, safety and well-being their employees. Dr. Michael Parkinson, senior medical director of UPMC Health Plan and UPMC WorkPartners, explains how.

Managing risk on debt in a rising rate environment

Borrowers who are managing a company’s interest rate risk are beginning to question their position as rates begin to rise. Huntington Bank's Jim Altman discusses the current interest rate environment and what it could mean for businesses and borrowing.

How to plan for potential business interruptions

A business continuity program works to minimize, if not avoid, the impact from any given business interruption event. Arthur J. Gallagher's Dereck Malzi shares how to set up a business continuity program before disaster strikes.

Mitigate financial inefficiencies with cash flow management

Northwest Bank's Lynn Young explains how businesses can benefit from having an efficient cash management process in place.