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Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2017 Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Celebrate the dynamic entrepreneurs who are propelling us forward toward a brighter future, including these winners and finalists from Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

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Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2017 Western Pennsylvania...

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#1 Cochran evolves to customer expectations, pushing others to follow suit

#1 Cochran, considered the automotive retail leader in Western Pennsylvania, stays true to its culture of innovation as the industry changes.

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#1 Cochran evolves to customer expectations, pushing...

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Commit to growthParagon Foods invests in its people for the well-being of all

Paragon Food's Elaine Bellin has invested in her people. It was her greatest challenge and also her greatest opportunity to encourage Paragon’s growth.

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Paragon Foods invests in its people for the well-being...

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A creative business solution guides Knichel Logistics to success

Running a family business like Knichel Logistics presents a unique set of challenges, but the ability to be creative and flexible can be beneficial.

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A creative business solution guides Knichel Logistics...


Keeping nurses happy should be a top priority for health care organizations

Sentact's Chris Dube looks at the factors that lead to nurse turnover and how organizations can make improvements to keep them happy so they're less likely to leave.

How to detect safety hazards in the oil and gas industry

Avoid the biggest hazards of the oil and gas industry by being aware of likely safety risks, and most importantly making planning and prevention part of the everyday culture. Taylor Troiano of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. explains.

How alternate funding and tools can help control small group health plans

Learn about strategic analysis and risk management in the small group health insurance market, from JRG Advisors' Aaron Ochs.

How to support employees with alcohol challenges

Here's what to do to help employees who show signs of alcohol problems, according to James Kinville, senior director of LifeSolutions, an employee assistance program and part of UPMC WorkPartners’ suite of services.

Is your company prepared for the anticipated interest rate hikes?

With interest rates still at historic all-time lows, now may be an opportune time to lock in rates on variable long-term debt. Huntington Bank's Jim Altman discusses strategies businesses can use to mitigate the risk of interest rate increases.