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Building on StrengthPittsburgh’s proud history in manufacturing paves the way for future success

With continued innovation and investment, Pittsburgh is well positioned to build on its past success to become a manufacturing leader. But it isn't without its risks.

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Pittsburgh’s proud history in manufacturing paves...

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Manufacturing in PittsburghAdditive manufacturing gives an edge to U.S. companies

By getting in on the ground floor of additive manufacturing, Albensi Laboratories has not only survived, it has thrived. Here's what it advises others who are adding digitization and additive manufacturing today.

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Additive manufacturing gives an edge to U.S. companies

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Manufacturing in PittsburghA business mix for today’s global world

U.S. manufacturers have to find ways to expand, ways to do things that can’t be offshored. Or else, be competitive with automation or technology. It's all about having the right business mix.

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A business mix for today’s global world

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Manufacturing in PittsburghTraining the next generation of employees

Many manufacturers are getting creative with their workforce development as they not only deal with lost experience when people retire but also have a hard time finding job candidates.

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Training the next generation of employees


Banks can be a valuable partner as you look ahead to 2018

The fourth quarter is an important time to tie up loose ends and wrap up your financials while beginning to think about what the upcoming year might bring for you and your business. Regular reviews of your finances are vital to ensuring continued success and to avoid unpleasant surprises in the first quarter and come tax time, says Lisa Carey, senior vice president and district manager at Northwest Bank.

Enhance your risk management program with data-driven strategies

Individual departments often only see and measure part of a company’s total risk management costs. Arthur J. Gallagher’s Kathy Betts provides data-driven strategies for a holistic view.

How to control the cost of health care through price transparency

We practice consumerism when it comes to shopping at the grocery store, buying clothes and other products and services. JRG Advisors' Ron Smuch explains how employers can help add health plans to that list.

What employers need to know as opioid problems hit the workplace

The opioid epidemic has reached every corner of society, including the workplace, says Dennis C. Daley, senior clinical director at UPMC Health Plan. Here’s what employers can do.

Strategic planning and the importance of proper capitalization

Without a thoughtful five-year plan that’s updated annually to address shifts and changes in business cycles, companies often don’t have enough capital to compete effectively as they grow. Huntington Bank's Jim Altman talks about the importance of matching a financial plan to a strategic plan.