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Building on StrengthPittsburgh’s proud history in manufacturing paves the way for future success

With continued innovation and investment, Pittsburgh is well positioned to build on its past success to become a manufacturing leader. But it isn't without its risks.

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Pittsburgh’s proud history in manufacturing paves...

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Manufacturing in PittsburghAdditive manufacturing gives an edge to U.S. companies

By getting in on the ground floor of additive manufacturing, Albensi Laboratories has not only survived, it has thrived. Here's what it advises others who are adding digitization and additive manufacturing today.

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Additive manufacturing gives an edge to U.S. companies

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Manufacturing in PittsburghA business mix for today’s global world

U.S. manufacturers have to find ways to expand, ways to do things that can’t be offshored. Or else, be competitive with automation or technology. It's all about having the right business mix.

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A business mix for today’s global world

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Manufacturing in PittsburghTraining the next generation of employees

Many manufacturers are getting creative with their workforce development as they not only deal with lost experience when people retire but also have a hard time finding job candidates.

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Training the next generation of employees


How to find the total cost of risk — and do something about it

Most employers regularly manage their insurance premiums and program structure, but four other cost drivers tend to slide under the radar. Gallagher's Marshall Wunderlich shares how to add the necessary checkups on all risk cost drivers to build a comprehensive risk management program.

Automated payables platforms offer cost savings to those willing to switch

Even with tools available to automate payment workflows, companies tend to stick with what they know, making more than half of their payments by check. Huntington Bank's Jim Altman explains how payment automation can benefit companies’ accounts payables departments.

Know the rules and risk before flying a drone for commercial use

Not too long ago, people stopped using drones just for a hobby and began to implement them as a part of their businesses. Gallagher's Patrick Zedreck and Brad Meinhardt provide a risk management perspective on drones.

Health data should be used for more than just keeping score

The next generation health benefits consultant uses predictive modeling and data analytics to lower the largest cost of a health insurance program: emerging claims, says Michael Galardini of JRG Advisors. Does this sound like your health plan?

Simple, visible moves help achieve a culture of wellness

In the workplace, small changes can often do the most to encourage a culture of wellness. Dr. Michael Parkinson, senior medical director of UPMC Health Plan and UPMC WorkPartners, shares how the little things can make a big difference.