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Smart Women: Driving internal change through innovation

The Smart Women breakfast and awards will be Sept. 1. Check out the dynamic panelists who will discuss intrapreneurship, as well as the 19 award winners being honored for their achievements.

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Smart Women: Driving internal change through...

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Targeted TransformationDDI keeps the best of what it is, while focusing on the future

With a DDI leadership shift, there has come a recognition that the company needs to invest in the right areas for the future, while keeping its core values.

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DDI keeps the best of what it is, while focusing on...

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Anthem Blue Cross Blue ShieldSmart Women 2016: Redefining success every step of the way

Success doesn’t just show up at the door. That’s why one of our strongest commitments is giving women the tools they need to go get it.

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Smart Women 2016: Redefining success every step of the...

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A new dayThe Allegheny County Airport Authority ignites under Cassotis’ leadership

CEO Christina Cassotis' enthusiasm and drive has pumped new life into the Allegheny County Airport Authority. Here’s how she has shed new light on the future.

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The Allegheny County Airport Authority ignites under...


How to set up internal controls on limited resources

Setting up internal controls is challenging for small and midsized companies. Generally, you don’t have that many employees, and the internal control aspect often takes a backseat. Find out about some key controls that even organizations with limited resources can implement.

What role do you play in the family and in the business?

It is tricky to navigate all of the roles women in family-owned businesses fill. Juggling roles is hard and doing so within a family business brings its own unique set of challenges.

What would I change if I could do it all again?

I was asked what I would do differently if I were to have my children now — only, knowing what I now know.

Tips for setting up family business councils

Family councils will help your family business determine where the business wants to go, who can help it grow and how the family business can get there.

Parent or pal?

There are plenty of people who are willing to tell you exactly how you should parent. It would simply be impossible to listen to every bit of advice you receive.

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