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Reliv International Inc.Ryan Montgomery stays focused on the core to grow Reliv International

Through a network of more than 50,000 independent distributors in 16 countries, Reliv sells an evolving line of nutritional supplements and products. Ryan Montgomery leads the company to stay focused on its core.

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Ryan Montgomery stays focused on the core to grow...

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EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2014 Central Midwest Awards

Recognized as one of the world’s most prestigious business award programs, the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Awards celebrate gravity-defying […]

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EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2014 Central Midwest...

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Gallus BioPharmaceuticals LLCMark Bamforth’s M&A handbook contains a great piece of advice he used to grow...

By Dennis Seeds | [email protected] Interview by Gregory Jones | [email protected] Mark Bamforth remembers arriving in the United States in […]

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Mark Bamforth’s M&A handbook contains a great...

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EY St. LouisThe business melting pot: Ruth Saphian is helping diversify EY and its St. Louis...

It’s hard to imagine a business world today without a diverse and inclusive workplace. It wasn’t that long ago, however, […]

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The business melting pot: Ruth Saphian is helping...


Myths about self-funded health plans

An estimated 61 percent of U.S. companies self-fund at least a portion of their health plan, as more and more employers are willing to explore alternative-funded solutions to provide quality health benefits to their employees. HealthLink's Susan French discusses what employers really need to know about self-funded health plans.

Utilization management: The effect of pre-admission and post-discharge planning on health and costs

Many employers and their health plan members assume that a utilization management program’s only goal is to approve or deny medical procedures and save costs for the health plan. But that's not the full story. Learn more about utilization management programs from Dr. Jay Moore of HealthLink, Inc.

How cost containment can be part of your targeted health care strategy

Health plans often take a reactive approach to members’ health by intervening only after services are rendered, but with detailed data sets, it’s possible to manage risk before it occurs. HealthLink's Brian Fallon shares how to determine the most effective cost containment programs for your health plan.

How to forge successful partnerships directly with health care providers

By partnering with providers and facilities, employers may get more competitive rates and cost-effective health outcomes. Health care expenditures, patient experience and medical outcomes also can improve. HealthLink's Brian Fallon shares how to increase collaboration between health plan stakeholders.

How to use data to customize your health plan and control costs

In today’s health care market, data can be used as a valuable resource to control costs. HealthLink's Brian Fallon discusses how employers can use data to build a customized health plan and control costs.