How employers can save money with best-in-class health plan design

One of the best ways to control your health costs and trends is through your plan design. That’s why a self-funded environment provides an advantage for employers, says Mark Haegele of HealthLink.

How to encourage healthier behavior in your employees

Employees are a company’s greatest assets — but their health issues can dramatically affect the workplace and a company's bottom line. Employees who aren’t healthy have lower productivity and higher health costs. That's why HealthLink's Carla M. Flamm says you need to know how to talk to your employees about their health.

What employers need to know about behavioral health services

Tom Albert of HealthLink shares what employers need to know about behavioral health services, including information on the little-known Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 and why these kind of services should be integrated into your medical management program.

How to encourage your employees to choose a primary care physician

Susan Lehne, account manager at HealthLink, is seeing a reduction in members choosing a primary care physician to guide their care because of these alternative care solutions. This could be a costly problem for employers.

How gain share models put the control back with the member and provider

People feel that health insurance companies are just out to make money, and that providers are struggling and building more services, with the member caught in the middle. Mark Haegele, regional vice president of sales at HealthLink, shares how gain share models can help.