How cost containment can be part of your targeted health care strategy

Health plans often take a reactive approach to members’ health by intervening only after services are rendered, but with detailed data sets, it’s possible to manage risk before it occurs. HealthLink's Brian Fallon shares how to determine the most effective cost containment programs for your health plan.

How to forge successful partnerships directly with health care providers

By partnering with providers and facilities, employers may get more competitive rates and cost-effective health outcomes. Health care expenditures, patient experience and medical outcomes also can improve. HealthLink's Brian Fallon shares how to increase collaboration between health plan stakeholders.

How to use data to customize your health plan and control costs

In today’s health care market, data can be used as a valuable resource to control costs. HealthLink's Brian Fallon discusses how employers can use data to build a customized health plan and control costs.

How employers can save money with best-in-class health plan design

One of the best ways to control your health costs and trends is through your plan design. That’s why a self-funded environment provides an advantage for employers, says Mark Haegele of HealthLink.

How to encourage healthier behavior in your employees

Employees are a company’s greatest assets — but their health issues can dramatically affect the workplace and a company's bottom line. Employees who aren’t healthy have lower productivity and higher health costs. That's why HealthLink's Carla M. Flamm says you need to know how to talk to your employees about their health.