Content Marketing

The rules of marketing have changed. Buyers no longer want to read boasts of product superiority; what they want is valuable content that will improve their businesses. Smart Business Content Marketing helps clients develop and execute targeted campaigns to drive improved customer and prospect engagement while positioning them as thought leaders in their markets.

The goal of a good content marketing campaign is consistency. Smart Business Content Marketing develops content plans that push content out on a regularly scheduled basis from simple daily blog posts to quarterly magazines. Among the tools in the content marketing arsenal are:

Custom Print Magazines
Custom magazines provide marketers with a unique opportunity to engage audiences instead of just marketing to them. Stories resonate with people – they are what we remember. SBCM uses its 20-year track record of interviewing the most successful business executives – from Fortune 500 CEOs to Forbes billionaires – to create a high-quality, engaging reader experience. A custom magazine can be tailored to fit most any budget by altering page count, paper quality and print quantity.

Custom Digital Magazines
As a complement to the print version of the custom magazine, or as a standalone entity, a digital magazine offers the same story-telling opportunities as a print version with a twist. A digital version provides a customized, integrated, interactive approach to your communication that adds the benefits of online technology to deliver your messages – maximizing your reach and your audience interest. With a digital magazine you can engage your audience in an interactive format, link readers directly to your website, track reader behavior and collect data through customized surveys and forms.

Targeted microsites
SBCM microsites are basic, blog-type web sites designed to complement other content marketing efforts and to raise clients’ visibility in online search engines. The blog will be updated on a regular basis with posts relevant to a client’s subject matter expertise, but written by SBCM staffers and freelancers. The site will be Google friendly because of the regular posting of new content; it will be easy to share posts through social media; and it can host a variety of digital pieces that could complement the overall campaign, such video tours of operations or client “testimonials.” Doing all of this within an existing site typically would be slow and costly to implement. A microsite can be built quickly, populated with content from professional journalists, and can be run under a custom URL.

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Email Newsletters
Email marketing remains one of the highest ROI marketing methods in the digital arena. For companies with established email databases, a regular email newsletter is cost-effective method to push your content to your audience. SBCM writes and design custom email newsletters that engage clients and prospects with useful, market-specific information.

White papers are highly sought-out and influential content for B2B customers. B2B buyers visit corporate websites looking for a wide range of information that will help in their purchase decisions. They also look for vendor information on other websites. An CBCM-produced white paper provides long-term value via reusability, engagement, impact and vendor credibility.

The explosion of websites like YouTube has introduced a new marketing channel for companies: online videos. You Tube reports that 24 hours of video are uploaded to its site every minute. The good news is precious little of that video is either business oriented or particularly useful. That creates a content void waiting to be filled by smart marketers. SBCM can create and post client videos that follow the same basic rules as other content marketing: provide useful information that will help your target audience improve their business.

Social Media
All content marketing efforts should include a social media component. Social media sites like facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter are becoming major sources of web traffic. Even if your target audience doesn’t care about these sites, and in all likelihood not a lot of them do, one important target audience does: search engines. By pushing content out through social channels, it amplifies your content marketing efforts by creating another path into the all important search result pages of Google, Bing and MSN. SBCM can simply supplement existing social media efforts, or we can develop and operate them from the ground up.

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