Don’t think you can; know you can Featured

7:00pm EDT November 25, 2010

Have you ever watched the movie “The Matrix”? There is a part in the movie where Morpheus is training Neo and he challenges him to free his mind and makes the statement, “Don’t think you are; know you are.” In sales terms, it means you can increase your odds of making the sale if you truly believe you will.

I have said repeatedly to salespeople, “Unless you believe that you can make the sale, you are already defeated.” It’s an assumptive mindset that you must practice constantly if you want to be successful in this profession.

1. Assume you will get the appointment.

2. Assume you will have a positive meeting.

3. Assume the prospect will become a customer.

4. Assume the sale.

Unfortunately, many salespeople go into a sales opportunity already defeated. I remember doing a sales call observation and evaluation with a salesperson who immediately told me that this would not be a good call. I asked, “How do you know that already?” He pointed to the lead sheet and said, “Look! It’s a one-legger, and it’s in a bad part of town.”

I then asked, “What’s a one-legger?” The salesperson told me that’s when only one of the decision-makers is there. Needless to say, he half-heartedly went through the sales call and did not make the sale. It didn’t end there though — the woman of the house who we met with wrote a letter to complain about how she was treated and also said she purchased the product from someone else.

You can’t go into any sales call with a negative crystal ball. Free your mind of all doubt, and don’t think you can; know you can!

Marvin Montgomery is an author, speaker and sales training consultant at ERC, where he has assisted hundreds of organizations in improving their productivity. You can ask the Sales Doctor a question at