New Kindle ‘@author’ feature lets readers ask writers questions from inside books

SEATTLE, Wash. ― today unveiled a new Kindle feature, @author, that will let readers ask questions of authors while reading their books. Confused about the motivations of a particular character? Curious about the author’s literary influences? Need to clarify a particular step in that how-to book? Now you can ask questions from within the e-book itself.

As the name implies, the @author feature leverages Twitter. (And yes, Amazon has secured the @author Twitter account.) Here’s how the process works, as explained by Amazon’s Kindle Daily Post:

To ask one of these authors a question from a Kindle book, just highlight a passage using the five-way controller, type “@author” followed by your question, and Share. Kindle will tweet the question to the author and post it on the Author Page; you’ll automatically receive an e-mail if the author answers your question.

You can also ask a question from the Author Page of a participating author; look for the “Ask a question” link beneath the author’s biography or next to one of the author’s books if you want to ask a question specifically about that book.

Amazon has lined up about 15 authors to participate initially.