Refusing to quit Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

Rodrigo R. Sales is driven by a passion to succeed. As an MBA student at Stanford University, he co-founded AuctionWatch as a comparison shopping site that pulled information from eBay, Amazon, Yahoo and hundreds of other auction sites. While still a student, he was able to secure two rounds of venture capital.

The company prospered, but it later faced problems when eBay tried to block providers like AuctionWatch from displaying its items in their searches. Enraged, Sales took out a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal chastising eBay for its anti-consumer tactics. This propelled the company into the spotlight and gained it a reputation as being a David fighting the industry’s Goliath and raising the bar for competition.

As the market changed in 2001, and eBay emerged as the dominant online auction site, Sales knew his site wasn’t as valuable as it once was. Instead of accepting defeat, he decided to cater to these online merchants, so AuctionWatch evolved into Vendio Services Inc., which provides sales management solutions for online merchants.

Today, this chairman and CEO’s business provides a suite of products and services designed to help online merchants establish, manage and scale their businesses. By seeing the changing market, Sales was able to capitalize on a new opportunity instead of fold, and now, Vendio has seen profitable growth for the past five years. On top of that, Sales was able to purchase one of Vendio’s largest competitors in 2006, and he has high hopes for continued growth in the future.

HOW TO REACH: Vendio Services Inc., (650) 293-3510, (877) 258-8488 or