Success on demand Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009

At a time when many businesses are laying people off, Daniel R. Fishback is hiring.

At DemandTec Inc., the president and CEO is willing to take risks and invest in the future of his company by building business and forging forward. Since he took over in 2001, he has taken the company from innovator to market leader, growing the firm to 330 employees and making two acquisitions to bolster DemandTec’s strength.

In addition, he’s driven the development of the company’s application suite supported by a robust technology platform, expanded the company’s core group of scientists and engineers, and added operations, professional services, and sales and marketing functions. He’s also placed a heavy emphasis on research and development — his company’s science and engineering department dwarfs the size of its nearest competitor — and 62 percent of DemandTec’s employees are engaged in R&D.

The company was founded in 1999 by Mike Neal and Hau Lee to provide world-class consumer demand management software that helps retailers and consumer product manufacturers strategically plan, optimize and execute merchandising and marketing programs. And from the beginning, its vision has been to apply proven scientific techniques for forecasting consumer demand and optimizing prices, promotions and markdowns to solve complex merchandising and marketing problems via a scalable software solution that creates immediate and measurable business results.

When Fishback came on board, he created a business model based on software-as-a-service and The DemandTec TradePoint Network, an Internet-based platform used by retailers and their suppliers to transact, interact and collaborate. The network provides the infrastructure, security, connectivity and services for retailers and manufacturers to collaborate on core merchandising and marketing activities, seamlessly and with great effectiveness.

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