Overcoming challenges Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010
Award Recipient

Hugh Njemanze has had a bad day before, and it’s unlikely that anything that could happen at the offices of ArcSight could ever top what he experienced in his childhood.

“Every day I wake up and am happy to be alive,” Njemanze says. “I approach everything I do with the attitude that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth working really hard for. I believe no challenge is insurmountable.”

Njemanze spent three years of his childhood in Nigeria at a time when the country was going through one of the worst civil wars of the last century. He was smuggled out of the country after three years and points to the experience as affecting his entire approach to life.

It certainly shapes his approach to business at ArcSight, which specializes in providing security and compliance management solutions for businesses and government agencies. Njemanze believes that the character of the people you bring into your company is critical to its success, so he is involved in nearly every hire that is made at ArcSight, even as the company has grown to more than 450 employees.

Njemanze is proud of the fact that when employees come to work for him, they stay there. They also get involved in philanthropy as it means a great deal to Njemanze to be able to help those who need it, whether it’s a local charity or one in some other part of the world.

Njemanze also works closely with his customers to make sure ArcSight is meeting their needs, which includes helping them do a better job of monitoring their networks and detecting nefarious activities. And that is precisely what ArcSight does as the company has emerged as a leader in the security information and event management and log management marketplace.

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