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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010
Award Recipient

After 30 years working on six start-ups, InvenSense Inc. CEO Steve Nasiri developed into the entrepreneur he is today — a leader and independent thinker who works hard to fulfill his passion for business and maintain his focus on innovation.

Nasiri’s philosophy is to only start something if it has the potential to be the first of its kind in the world. Nasiri’s deep entrepreneurial spirit drives him every minute of every day to be both strategic and hands-on. He takes the time to understand the details of a problem and remains in the trenches to help work toward the optimal resolution.

Nasiri took a great risk to build InvenSense into the company it is today. He took a chance on the potential for a commercially viable gyroscope for use in consumer electronics and pursued a singular vision for producing the smallest, most cost-effective and robust gyroscope designed exclusively for consumer products.

While other companies were taking the safe route in automotive and industrial applications, Nasiri took the path with the greatest challenges because he could see the tremendous reward if he achieved success.

Nasiri founded InvenSense in 2003, confident in his decision to develop the gyroscope using his fabrication technology. The following year, he raised his first investment round, and in 2006, InvenSense shipped its first production product. By the end of 2008, the company had achieved profitability, and in 2009, the company reached a fivefold growth in revenue.

The key to innovation at InvenSense is the patented and proprietary fabrication platform designed by Nasiri. The unique fabrication plan enables InvenSense to maintain its exclusive focus on producing high-volume and low-cost motion processing solutions for consumer electronics and, as a result, lead that market.

The fabrication process has also established the company for future innovations in motion processing.

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