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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

When Paul L. Meissner, Ph.D., joined Santur Corp. as CEO in January 2007, he had a lot to take on. He wanted to transform the company from a one-product group into a long-term-focused, high-growth-oriented business.

Within just a few weeks, he discovered a flaw in a product designed for one customer and insisted on a total recall. He insisted that the company take on the cost burden associated with the recall and the fixing of the problem. Additionally, he demanded that the customer be given total honesty and respect and that his team fix the problem quickly. The way he dealt with that situation kept Santur from potentially going into bankruptcy and allowed it to build better customer relationships.

He’s also had to accomplish other feats including transforming a tired, unmotivated work force into an energetic and excited one and also changing the industry mindset that says to be a good company you have to have a broad portfolio of products across multiple technology platforms. Through his efforts, he’s induced passion into his people, and now, the company only targets large, high-growth markets for semiconductor lasers.

The fruits of Meissner’s labor are obvious, as he grew the company’s revenue 79 percent between 2006 and 2007 and now has a road map to take it well into the future.

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