Keeping a pulse Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

Dr. John B. Simpson has established himself as a man wearing many hats — doctor, pioneer, innovator and entrepreneur.

This founder has also been responsible for several other company start-ups and innovations in his field. Earlier in his career, he invented the original over-the-wire balloon angioplasty catheter, which led to revolutionary new treatments in coronary disease using catheters rather than bypass surgery. This invention led to the founding of Advanced Cardiovascular Systems in 1978, which created products for these new procedures. Then he founded Devices for Vascular Intervention Inc. in 1984.

Simpson, never settling for what he’s already done, went on to found Perclose Inc., which was the first company in the field of interventional cardiology to produce a device that enabled patients undergoing a minimally invasive coronary procedure to have an outpatient procedure, when previously they would have remained hospitalized for at least one day.

His other endeavors have included founding Cardiovascular Imaging Systems and Lumend, which are both part of larger companies now. Because of his track record, he is committed to helping other entrepreneurs in his field, and to do that, he founded DeNovo Ventures, a venture capital firm helping build world-class companies in the life sciences industry. Additionally, he gives back to the next generation by teaching at Stanford University.