Dedicated founders Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010

While working at another company, George Macricostas and Yatish Mishra conducted an exhaustive search to find an outsourcing company capable of managing the services and infrastructure necessary to support mission-critical systems and growing data density. 

When it became apparent that there were no existing providers offering custom, flexible high-end services, they developed a business plan with the primary goal of providing solutions to large, data-intensive enterprise organizations for their mission-critical, back-office applications.

As a result, RagingWire Enterprise Solutions Inc. was founded in May 2000 by Constantine Macricostas, George Macricostas, who serves as vice chairman and CEO, and Yatish Mishra, who serves as president and chief technology officer, to provide world-class IT infrastructure and highly custom and flexible managed service solutions that support the business needs of large, enterprise companies’ high-density IT environments. Upon completing the construction of its state-of-the-art Class “A+” data center facility in Sacramento, Calif., in 2001, RagingWire maintained a consistent track record of growth. In September 2004, RagingWire achieved sustainable profitability within three and a half years of beginning business operations. 

RagingWire’s founders quickly learned that starting a business is not for the faint of heart. Experience showed that more than 10 times the anticipated personal sacrifice was required to run a start-up business given the amount of effort required to overcome unforeseen adversities during the life cycle of building a business from the ground up. Personal sacrifice of oneself and the immediate family is ultimately one of the greatest challenges that is faced in building a successful company. RagingWire not only survived these early challenges but has thrived due to the perseverance and sheer determination of its leaders.

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