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11:26am EDT July 1, 2011
Culture shift

Ross Bott has worked as a partner and in leadership positions with several companies, and he attributes his success in the mobile industry to four key principles: Assume your competitors are strong so that you are never surprised; understand that the rules in the mobile industry can change in months, not years, so you must be adaptable;  be willing to make win-win deals; and spend your time thinking about where things are heading and have a plan for the midterm but be willing to adapt it rapidly.

These principles have served him well as president and CEO of SEVEN Networks. Soon after he joined the organization, the company faced difficulties by the market downturn, which forced him to really look at the business. He recognized that to succeed, he needed to both move the company to capture new opportunities and cut expenses to maintain profitability. His ultimate goal was to bring together a team of executives who are driven risk-takers.

The new team focused on leveraging existing technology assets to apply them to new challenges in the mobile industry, such as the explosion of data traffic on wireless networks. The organization’s culture shifted, as well, to focus on accelerating development cycles and reducing time to market, which has allowed the company to become more innovative and successful.

The result is innovative mobile solutions that help keep users in sync with their personal and business life and that are based on the principle that real-life needs access to real-time information. Wireless operators benefit from SEVEN’s efficient data synchronization and traffic optimization solutions to reduce traffic on wireless networks by up to 50 percent. And its solutions are in production in 14 languages and 70 countries, and support hundreds of devices.

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