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11:32am EDT July 5, 2011
Showing the way

Tom Bedecarre saw what was happening in 2001 and he was determined not to let it happen to his business. He had built AKQA as a next-generation advertising agency founded on a vision that addressed how emerging technology and media fragmentation were changing consumer behaviors and transforming the marketing industry.

But the stock market was crashing and technology stocks were plummeting and Bedecarre needed to act fast. He engineered a drastic downsizing of his business to keep it afloat. He led his management team in the stabilization of the business and the maintenance of key customer relationships that were vital to both the company’s short-term viability and its long-term future. Those same clients have helped the company position itself for growth in today’s market.

Bedecarre promotes innovation and thought leadership in his business as he wants his people to be part of the company’s growth. He demonstrates his passion and charisma for what the company does every day and shares that with his employees, leading to high retention rates and a great team that is always on the cutting edge of where the advertising industry is headed.

But in addition to his efforts at the home office, Bedecarre makes an effort to get out and visit offices around the world to keep those employees just as energized and just as committed to the company’s vision.

Bedecarre also puts in a lot of time to help potential future employees in their college studies. He provides them with his own expertise, tips and insight on how to proceed and what steps to take to ensure successful futures when they move along on their career path.

Bedecarre’s goal is to continue to promote AKQA and keep the firm searching for the next great thing while always focusing on what the company already does well. By doing so, he is confident the firm will always be a respected marketing partner with the world’s leading global brands.

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