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11:40am EDT July 5, 2011
Technology titan

Being at the forefront of global mobile and Internet technology for more than 15 years has been no stroke of luck for Zohar Levkovitz.

Levkovitz attributes the success of Amobee, the company he founded with two partners in 2005, to his unique way of thinking and approach to overcoming obstacles. The goal was to change the pricing model of cellular digital content by subsidizing content with advertising to make it more available to consumers.

While some business owners may have been reluctant to invest money in acquisitions during the 2008 recession and favored reducing activities and preserving capital, he completed a series of acquisitions, hired new employees, expanded operations and increased company expenditures. It paid off in positioning Amobee as the world’s largest mobile advertising company.

Taking the approach to empower mobile operators as mega publishers and media companies, Levkovitz faced stiff competition from Yahoo, Nokia, Microsoft and Google, but succeeded where many failed.

An ardent believer in innovation, Levkovitz makes it his practice to hire the best engineers worldwide. The organizational culture of innovation and creativity promotes communication, creative thinking, openness and teamwork.

One of his core values is to give back to the community. Levkovitz has been a volunteer for Greenpeace for more than 20 years. He encourages Israeli and American companies to outsource more development projects to Palestinians in the area, believing that a better economic state in Palestine is the key to sustainable peace in the Middle East.

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