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12:18pm EDT July 5, 2011
Charting new business

People have been clipping coupons from the Sunday newspaper for years and years. Even in this age of technology, the torn-out coupon is still a ubiquitous item in today’s world. But Steven R. Boal was still committed to taking this pillar of modern society and transforming it. He founded Inc. as a means to break through the industry and popularize couponing in the digital world.

He would need to develop technology to ensure print controls, redemption controls and security features in digital coupons. Coupons couldn’t be printed over and over again or it would be a disaster for the sponsoring business.

Boal had to find a way to convince a very skeptical public that was seemingly very comfortable with the status quo that his system was worth their time and worth their attention.

With the help of his team, Boal worked to develop a system that could produce secure digital coupons that wouldn’t be susceptible to any kind of fraud. He worked on coming up with systems that would entice manufacturers to shift to his way with a low level of risk.

He has been able to lead the new industry on an innovative path by taking advantage of the growing trends in social media and mobile technology. His philosophy is not to overwhelm people with technology, but use it where it makes sense for people and make their lives easier.

Boal has been able to create the offline couponing experience in the technology world. He has lowered barriers to entry for companies and helped entrepreneurs build their businesses.

And he has built a business where employees feel part of the growth, part of the excitement and part of a growing industry. The company is also focused on giving back, which helps add to what is a very strong corporate culture that keeps the company poised for success.

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